Parenting is a juggling act, a feat of will, an endless battle to get organised, a desperation to minimise risk and a constant quest for peace of mind. I've … [Read more]

Meal planning - what could go wrong?

We’re all looking for a great deal on just about everything. What we save here, we can spend there. I adore the internet. Fingertip shopping allows you to … [Read more]

MyFamilyClub is currently running a campaign called the 30 minute Parent Pledge. It's all about trying to encourage parents to spend just 30 mins doing … [Read more]

What will your Family Pledge be?

Elderly shouldn’t mean second class, especially when it comes to cancer care (sponsored video)

Prejudice comes in many forms, and the effects can be devastating. I’ve witnessed first hand the way elderly people receive substandard service – including healthcare – for no reason other than their age. It makes little sense – we do not lose our humanity as our skin wrinkles, our value as people is not eroded [...]

Bedroom tips for allergic kids (sponsored guest post)

All children are highly susceptible to a wide variety of bugs and viruses. No matter where they go there are common germs to picked up and suffered for even the most robust child. From the common cold to Chicken Pox, school is an environment where these illnesses are transmitted from child to child at an alarming rate.

How to have a (relatively) stress free Christmas (sponsored post)

In words of Andy Williams Christmas is “the most wonderful time of the year,” when the day eventually arrives. In the run up to Christmas however, it can be a mad rush to find the perfect presents, buy the turkey, send out the cards and find a room to accommodate the whole family. It’s enough [...]

The right bra: A perfect Christmas accessory (sponsored post)

With December 25th just around the corner, you might have picked out a pretty dress for the big day or an outfit for your office Christmas party – but have you given much thought to your boulder holder? The right lingerie can help you look and feel your best, so choose a bra for every [...]

Meet Liz Weston aka Cambridge Mummy (parent blogger profile)

At Mums on the Blog, we’re launching a new feature where we profile some of the amazing UK mums and dads who have fantastic parenting blogs. We’re kicking off with the fabulous Liz Weston aka Cambridge Mummy.