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although at the same time I need hardly state I am opposed

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this Association were to appoint herbalists or bonesetters or any other

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to be paid in resjject of notification and as regards cases

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nervous system the second characterised by repetitive

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under 25 and to reside and board free in the hospital. To come

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when the ordinary capitalist finds it difficult to invest his

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not only in raising some of these afflicted ones to a dim

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years these zymotic and infectious diseases are getting lees

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August 1st. Lieutenant Aitken joined the regiment as Surgeon Lieute

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tlioae who might engage tliem. I feel sure that few if any

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The next preliminary Examinations will be held on pre

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shown of wrist excision. He was glad to find that much

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the phrase patent medicines had this extended signification but in

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this by placing trays of charcoal in the manholes to filter the

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between the command and the response or the action maybe

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be cremated. In America as we might naturally expect the

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not but that they would reflect ere committing themselves to so impolitic

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Five towns had smaller rates than Bristol and 44 had higher

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carry out your veiy excellent Recommendations our Com

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washers and cleaners carry on their cperations in the room

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Hoarder medical superintendent of Carmarthen Asylum for twenty

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to 25 per cent. He advocated also the use of prophylactic

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legal proceedings would lie against such pr. LCtitioner under Section 42

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were taken to the hospital and watched but they were found

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autumn of 1893. Bristol experience for the third quarter of

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H. W. We have received our correspondent s letter with the Pudsfy ami

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Therapeutic Uses of Remedies and Medical Jurisprudence

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constantly contains a great variety of microorganisms and

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that the urine is free from albumen and tube casts and two

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decision be confirmed. Nor is it quite clear what is to be

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infection. For example he injected into the tracliea of a

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out the etiology of miasmas were well known in this coun

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managers of either the Brentwood or Forest.iate Schools

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the Casualty Department. Demonstrators of Anatomy are

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then slowly cut through the turbinated bone. Major s Knives

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sultation with the Honorary Secretaries of the Certifying

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AValker exhibit many interesting drawings of rare skin

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Western Pennsylvania Medical College and the tirst Pro

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The closets are also on the landings a step or two down and

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from physicians and surgeons in Connecticut and New

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