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which he conducted and checked that discussion would
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labours of our jiredecessors we see all that they have seen and
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Rolandic cortex is accompanied and to what extent it is
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should like the committee to take and collect evidence on
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physician s advice is not taken sometimes with and some
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these cases since two made a good recovery and two were
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which supply the Carmarthen Asylum with patients. A fortiori is it
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of the board last week he said At present too many beds
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which ships at sea were suddenly overtaken by the disease
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hours many deaths occur daily but no one knows what
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the preceding three weeks. The number of scarlet fever patients in
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chest and abdomen the lungs are observed to recede abnor
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tissues intra parenchymatous injections or as subcutaneous
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exist but columbaria have been built for the reception of
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alumnus of Glasgow University. Recently the building has
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Medicai Jocen al of August 11th giving particulars of the
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mark as there was no reponsible attendant to look after
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sanitary authorities on the lines of the conference held in
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brigade surgeon s age for compulsory retirement mil no doubt be pro
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dents and clinical instruction is given by the Medical StaflT.
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gathering the opinions of medical officers at the Asylums
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the object of showing the true position of the Academic
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comparison should be made with the better class of these
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the public press. Professor Dewar has published two
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sider that that Act of Parliament was passed for the specific
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Dr. Unna will demonstrate various organisms associated
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tubercle. This enlarged from osteitis and the knock knee
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needs for guidance in his daily work as he would of course
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the dates of the examinations which are held iu the months

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