Order in chaos, chaos in order (sponsored post)

Meal planning – what could go wrong?

Parenting is a juggling act, a feat of will, an endless battle to get organised, a desperation to minimise risk and a constant quest for peace of mind.

I’ve become so much more organised since becoming a parent. Before kids, I lived for my work and worried little about other practicalities. Now I’m a lean, mean, planning machine. Oh yes.

We have home insurance, health insurance, life insurance and all manner of cover. We have multiple bank accounts, emergency childcare details and back-up email accounts. We have plug guards and cupboard locks and emergency numbers pinned by the fridge. We have bath routines and weekly meal plans, craft boxes and cookbooks. The furniture is practical with rounded corners and the surfaces are always being wiped.

Except…the toy box is full of pans and spoons from the kitchen cupboards. The meal plan now says, ‘cake and pizza’ in a childish scrawl. The pile of household paperwork is balanced precariously on the hall phone table, mixed in with out-of-date flyers from school bags and junk mail retrieved from the doormat. The surfaces may be wiped, but they’re rarely free of crumbs and sticky, felt tip tinged hand prints.

Oh yes, I’m a lean, mean, organised machine. There is order in our chaos, and chaos in our order. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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