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public place was in the prisoner s handwriting..Margoulis

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patient. Dr. Phillips assures us that he has been practising

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and organs the relative degree o the same and the altera

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and twenty five deaths. Inquiry into the cause led to the conclusion that

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names one is reminded by every movement that one must spare one

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trict in which the extra scavenging was carried out. While

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undertaken might form a very dangerous precedent. The

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Geologj meet under the presidency of Dr. T. Stevenson

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pathways in our busy and important towns into a somewhat

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met with scarcely any response and when I look round this

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such operations as hysteropexy or ventral fixation of the

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a most marked improvement in the general condition in

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and hoped that there was possibly some mistake and that

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medical services the Naval Medical Service the Army

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it is very unsatisfactory. Let us suppose a case of a very

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of a hospital expending like this institution about 2 000 is

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physial line. Rickety bones while soft can be readily frac

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foreign travel. We are far from wishing to underrate them

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to Sir Forrest Fulton s summing up and remarKed that he

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owns. is justified even in modern times. He pleads eloquently for the

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annual fee is rtgulated among the well to do by the rent of

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The climate is bracing but equable and is said to be excel

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in London in spite of the fact that the Chelsea Hospital was

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asylums not penal settlements but places where they could

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staff. Yet the investigation of a most competent and

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taminated by sewage and while oysters are habitually eaten ciuite raw

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expense of the nerve force. But many drugs of this class are

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degrading depths they may be reduced if the field of their

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sentiment which it conveyed and to the members for the

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A room at the Victoria Rooms Clifton Bristol will be

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sat tached what is called a sanitary division and this

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Ih essers are chosen from matriculated students and the

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