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tion of the letters in the shapes of the tubes used
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Its causation in some cases is obscure the local condition appears to be
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are secured. The apex of the triangle is now brought forwards over the
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between the eyes and the lobes of the brain in the human while
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weakness and mental apathy together with shortness of breath and pains
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cytology may become of diagnostic importance. The dif
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curvature. Thus the cervical curve will become flat or convex posteriorly
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In patients in whom there is intense suffering with
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dition by one of the treatments just mentioned. The parts are then made
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Large grain filters or more correctly speaking percolation beds will
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tory bearing on the case. She had never had any sickness
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of aiding the prematurely born child in his struggle with
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adaptation seems to age as does that of accommodation of the eye. Of
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be polygonal. They have usually long processes tapering to fine threads which in
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The surgical bearings of cancer of the stomach chiefly belong to the
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occurs. The subject of normal digestion has been so fully treated see
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in the literature. He approaches the question chiefly from
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irritated parts in the pelvis is under better control and
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The general similarity of the characters of the blood to those of
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Treatment of Wounds. These should be enlarged and the blood allowed
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dies most frequently recommended being strychnine digi
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horse s teeth and cutting holes in the crown and then putting a
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with the hope that it might antagonize the profound sep
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d by peculiar nervous and mental manifestations. The

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