OMG! I am utterly exhausted!

April 2, 2012 in Latest, Mums tips


Photo: Betsssssy/Creative Commons

Faith H wonders, “When did my little angel suddenly become so very demanding?”

As soon as the birthday celebrations were over, Edie was starting to walk. Which is wonderful, and I am fully encouraging of this. She is wearing some great little shoes called Pedipeds.

They are softer than first shoes, but as they have a sole I find they are a bit more solid than the very soft crawling shoes. She’s been wearing them with pride for nearly a week and my, oh my, what a difference they have made. She is off, quick as an Olympic 100m sprinter. Well, possibly a slight exaggeration but it feels like greased lightning. She has found her food cupboard in the kitchen and that is her first port of call when she’s on her feet. Quick as she can, she’s in there, scavenging like some urban fox, trying to get to her snacks! Little porker!!!

She is everywhere. Trying to keep up is quite a mission. She is so inquisitive and has the attention span of a gnat! I am extremely proud of these traits of course, but where has my cuddly little baby gone????

If I try and get a squeeze, she pushes me away and just wants to be back on the floor exploring. I just about get a cuddle in at bedtime, only before she realises that she would rather chew her rabbit’s arm than snuggle with mummy.

Edie is also throwing the best of strops and tantrums. I know I shouldn’t laugh, but as the bottom lip comes out, I just can’t help myself. I thought this was supposed to be when they reach the terrible 2’s, not just after birthday one??

If she doesn’t get her own way we get to know about it. If we try and get something off her, she doesn’t like it at all. I wonder what she’ll be when she grows up.

I am enjoying every stage of motherhood and all the challenges that come with the job. By the end of the day I am done for, and by Friday nights I look at my husband as the saviour! He can take over with some weekend duties.
Tomorrow I am off to get a much needed massage and haircut.

Looking forward to the next year and all it holds. Walking more, talking lots, and who knows perhaps a little more cuddly again!!??