Older children need a mum too

January 26, 2012 in Mums tips



Alli Marshall reflects on the challenge of sharing love between her children.

During the Christmas holidays I spent a wonderful day at home with my Husband and 4 children, my 3 older children all own the latest electronic devices and I do limit the time they are allowed to spend on them; however on this day I banned them totally and told the children that they would need to entertain themselves using “old fashioned” methods such as reading or doing some crafts.

My Daughter decided that she would build a wooden desk tidy that she had received for Christmas, she enjoys doing arts and crafts and is quite a professional and so she simply set herself up at the dining room table and set about her task.

The boys though were a completely different matter; they like the idea of building models but their attention spans are limited.  Both of them had received woodcraft construction kits for Christmas and decided that they wanted to build these.  My Husband helped our middle Son with his jet plan and I helped our eldest Son with his motorbike.

Middle Son was finished quite quickly, as Husband did do most of the construction –myself & eldest Son took somewhat longer; we spent over 4 hours building the model, which is probably the most quality time we have spent together for a long time.  Eldest Son is 12 now and so his reliance on Mum is now mainly limited to taxi services & food provision or so I thought!

My eldest Son thanked me when the model was complete and told me that he had really enjoyed spending the time with me & hoped that we could do it again soon – it made me realise that no matter how old my children are they still require quality one on one time with Mum.

I make sure I spend time with my youngest Son (17 months) playing games with him and entertaining him yet at some point I stopped doing this with my older Son thinking that he no longer needed or wanted this interaction.

I was wrong – my eldest Son still wants time with Mum and so I have resolved to spend more time with him in 2012.