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This is a term that has confused me for a while now. I mean, we all know what it refers to and that is to growing a pair of male genitalia.  If the term is used it infers that someone needs to “man up” and deal with a situation or life.

But why is it a male orientated term? I object to this! Without going into a scathing attack on men, or at least many of the ones I seem to know, this term is just totally wrong! In these days of modern women who are capable of amazing things – having a career, balancing that with a home/private/personal life, being domestic goddesses, entrepreneurial, inventive, adaptable and imaginative.  Take me as an example, having recently been made redundant, a single mum who could easily take the “benefits” option, I have decided to grab this golden opportunity – which I am never likely to get again – and go it alone with my own business ventures.  On the back of this, I have come across an amazing number of women doing the same thing and grabbing the bull by the horns (another male-orientated phrase!).

So, why are these terms so male dominated? I think it’s time for a change and I am proposing that in future we refer to such situations as someone needing to “grow a pair…… of boobs!”  Now, your task, should you choose to accept it, is to come up with some other alternatives.

I hasten to add, I am not a man-hater, I just can’t seem to find a decent one!  Maybe I need to search one out that has a pair….. ah, of the male type that is!

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  • http://jaynelc.wordpress.com/ Jayne

    How about “Womb Up”, or “Grab the cow by the udders”?!

  • http://www.ohilikethat.co.uk Editor

    LOL, I like it Jayne!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1497844372 Kate Scott

    I’d never heard of this term…too sheltered!!

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  • http://www.birdsontheblog.co.uk/ Sarah Arrow

    Grab the cow by the udders… hmmm :)

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