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have obtainsd a certificate of proficiency in vaccination
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most virulent in its onset and course no chill or predisposing
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patient search. If not by the lung how then by the skin
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these facts appeared to show that the organisms that produce
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The patient made an uninterrupted recovery. On examination the cyst
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tion was not called for 1 r. ceived the characteristic reply
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under which the great workhouse infirmaries of London are
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Society of.London and to a paper by Mr. Swan read before the Section
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they were most hazardous though the statistics of institu
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where the gonococci attract large numbers of white blood
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had acted copiously and in three or four days she appeared
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subject albeit they difl er somewhat from those of such emi
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British Medical.Vssoeiation those amendments were not good
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for or against the assertion that lunacy is on the increase we
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under Edinburgh instead of that prescribed by the old
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time examined microscopically the suprarenal capsules of
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of illustrated or standard works have added much to the
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the three fortnights preceding being 5.7. The majority of
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are simply dropped in between them in any desired order.
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the diarrhcea rate. In this case however it is provided
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minal reflex. Post mortem examination Heart in diastole
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the education examination registration supervision and
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which very seriously interferes with the child s walking and
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ledge in many respects although it is curiously unequal ia
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about three minutes ami the operation was accordingly
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Successful Progress of the Medical r gt BFEXCE Union.
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pulsion of the water or mucus from the chest nor a sufli
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peptones of Beef Mutton Veal and Chicken. These pre
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disease which in its virulent forms has hitlierto practically
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strengthened with the Extract. Frame Food Jelly made
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number which had all been laid before the Committee they
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should observe that 1 The entire ex unination must be
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entirely well by the eighteenth day after the operation.
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ence with barrack bred girls. She writes These children
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received the sewage of SOO.IWO people by mere filtration
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outer half of the epiphysis of the femur had been destroyed.
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Librarian who had prepared a highly artistic ci mposition
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general tone of our merchant seaman is gradually and
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the people of Kurope are degenerating mentally morally
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with the number of children presenting each condition
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Your Committee is glad to be in a position to state that the
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the Scotsman objected to the appointment as medical oflBcers
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by whom I am directed to inform you that they feel unable at
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Vote of Thanlxs to lietiring President. A hearty vote of
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decent. All tms would be avoided by allowing an efficient flush.
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as Portman Buildings vaccinated or revaccinated. Dr. Greenwood the
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from such authors and translation from English into Latin
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great care time and trouble which have been bestowed
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Dr. Pembeey reports that in the experiments in which he has
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gratification that one of their number should have been
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many cases we get intraperitoneal ha morrhage and acute symptoms

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