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Dr. Bowles has shown that in conditions of apparent death
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It is not tor me now to introduce controversial matter and
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Short Notes. Hugh Jones MB Dolgelly Extrauterine icstation
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by that system of representation and receive the at
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outward application only. Each fluid ounce represents 10
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Tlie general symptoms are those of a highly febrile state.
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ranging methodically the vast accumulation of new facts and
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his companions and his friends and that studious habits
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thought to be elemental being found to be divisible.
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sicians of London. His latest achievements in working
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bodies to grow healthily or their characters to develop
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efforts the disease ended one day sooner than if left to itself
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lower stages of attendance on midwifery cases. He believed
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equestrian pastime sadly marred by the necessity for a bright look out
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they should remember that failure was a relative term and if
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subject in that way as cholera so often does has also been
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ing of the British Association LordSalisburyunveiledastatue
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Dundee Corporation Bill promoted this session in which it
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of Chemistry and methods of analysis with especial refer
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sewage was found to be flowing at the rate of.370 feet per
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which although it extended to 89 eases in twelve days was
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the line surely the proprietors knowing the Association
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cleared by Professor Huxley who has written ably on the
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had been much worse since he had taken them and that the
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In 1 88 Mr. Tughe straightened 30 legs and in 1693 1
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cholia these do not benefit by being kept in bed but often
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attacks which were at first deemed to be diarrhroa only bat
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the country. He considered that the chief cause of the dimin
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standing for best reports and commentaries on.Medical surgical and
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sidered to be the best type of ambulance steamer yet built.
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Davies Sidney M D. Plumstead Ventilation of Sewers.
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The total number of cases of cholera since its reappear
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mortem and suspected before death. In the lifth case Ibefieve
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report to the Parliamentary Bills Committee through its Chairman Mr.
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is a ridge which runs through the district dividing the
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consists of a large dining room and kitchen adjoining dormi
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schedule of Recommendations of the Committee on Medical
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at least every five years the difficulties felt in giving assent
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throat spray. The other children were snilering from diph
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forearm were covered by clothing there would be less contusion but
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who would after his election obtain the required qualifica
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the public hardly realises the completeness with which the inmates of
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faculty of letters for geography and history for ayrer e was
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citor who appeared for the prosecution it appeared that the defendant
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tuiy. This valuable collection whieli includes overSOO different
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Aftek an interval of thirty one years the British Medical
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Committee that on every controversial or controverted
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with nothing to do and great temptation to drink. A
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which was noticed in 815 children may have been congenital
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ditions of the Council as regards preliminary education ill be revised
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soldier during the time of an epidemic might not seem a
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Dr. Corbett was brought before a superior officer and reprimanded and
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increased and in addition to the regular lectures given in
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prepared the profession to accept the discovery of Pfeiffer as
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quences so that the experience of an individual may be falla
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and merits serious consideration. If the art of surgeiy it
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ological one if the latter be thoroughly carried out there
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the influenza process. We are now able positively to recog
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that tlie thyroid tabloids were used and I may remark that
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ment and the macadamised street very much resembling the
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mated.population of Leicester in 1S93 were as follows
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and one in Madras for officers lately appointed to the Indian Medical
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the course and practitioners can enter for one or more courses
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largely. The Select Committee of the House of Commons
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Physiology 2. Pharmaceutical Chemistiy. Before admis
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Marine evidently does not know that there is only one sur
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pied the neccssj ry position and one cannot but suspect that
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lieat only had no impairment of sight. This would point
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East. A great many of the Indian drugs have enjoyed a
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finitesimal doses and in a single dose produces paralysis in
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a rumour that the festival might be interdicted. The festi
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the same to their respective secretaries. Members of the
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lectures is. 1. Dental studenis are also required to receive
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a very appreciable influence over the health of visitors.
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already gained a high position the patient must know the
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who are interested in the art of photography. It seems only
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was found dead in a bath room. The water used in the
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is represented by Dr. Ward Cousins President of Council
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associations more or less constantly confronts eveiy medieal
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triumphantly to prove the public spirit and the ability of
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On the male side a pauper sits up through the night on
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On removing the bladder the rupture was found sutlicicut to admit two
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servation to class any head between IT or IS inches as a
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the more brilliant students. To those however who possess
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The following gentlemen having previously passed the necessary exa
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