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two sessions nf nine months each. Candidates educated in

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associated and from which it is sometimes with difficulty

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towns. The 70 deaths from diphtheria in the thirty three towns included

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certain universities have issued special regulations under

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as manure we imported also the nitrifying organisms which

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to the machinery of the medical school. About gt i UUO is in

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and the public will not be backward in perceiving that such

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glanced at the report too cursively and I did not observe

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the less important seeing that other ob ers ations make it

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months in each special department and in the general out

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disadvantages are the greater difficulty of removing the dis

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as individuals or consider them as they would their own if

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In Edinburgh 17 new cases of small pox were notified last week and

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who had been drinking and fell from a window sill 2.0 feet.

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such universities ur schools or under such teachers as are

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they were trying to reduce the abuse to a minimum. With

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thank most cordially his old and esteemed friend Dr. Cor

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into a flame though epidemics did not spread far from

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The mouth could be opened apparently to its full extent

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healthful the conditions of life the greater will be the

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take a little stimulant when they feel low. Doubtless if we

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The reported proceedings at an inquest held on a pauper

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he had ascertained the conditions he was able to carry on

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Castle. He drew attention to the suwounding ruin to the

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prising if nervous diseases had become more common

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the patients lavatories and dried at night in the patients

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