Natural & Clean eco products review

Dry Carpet Cleaner

Dry Carpet Cleaner

Emily L tries out some eco-friendly cleaning products.

I’m sensitive to most cleaning products, they just seem slough off my skin and leave my eyes streaming, so I’ve always got gloves on and windows open during a spring clean.

This also means that I’m very conscious of the cocktail of chemicals I’m washing down the drain, and try to buy eco products where possible. But they’re not always very good!

This month, Natural & Clean, who offer a range of cleaning products using (when possible) only 100% recycled, biodegradable products, sent us:

  • Natural & Clean Whoops a-daisy! – £4.99
  • Natural & Clean Spot Remover Wipes – £3.43
  • Natural & Clean Spot Remover – £3.43
  • Natural & Clean Dry Carpet Cleaner – 500g – £5.19

As we have a four year old boy, we get a lot of drinks upturned on the floor, and we have a baby girl, we get the odd splash of baby sit gracing our carpets, so it was the ‘Whoops a-daisy’ that got first outing.

It’s a fine powder that you sprinkle liberally over a spillage. It then soaks up the liquid, turning into a rumbly gel that you simply hoover away. And it works well.

The spot remover spray is for those unexplained marks that always seem to appear, even when you ban shoes from the house. You spray it on to a cloth and then carefully work the stain out. It didn’t shift a smear of boot polish I’ve been battling for a while, but it shifted all the other marks I could find.  The spot removed wipes do the same job, but added onto wipes for convenience.

The dry carpet cleaner is very effective as well as being pH neutral and containing no solvents, bleach or phosphates. You brush in the little particles with the supplied brush and then hoover it away. I tried it on a high-traffic piece of carpet and it now looks cleaner than the rest of the room – oops. I’ll definitely be using it again.

All in all, a good range.

Emily @amummytoo

Emily @amummytoo

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