My Little…Pony?

January 13, 2012 in Latest, Life


Pony - Wikipedia Commons

Irina P is enchanted by an unlikely TV show…

Janna changes hobbies often – one day she is a fan of anime, and then tomorrow she joins the forum for Danny Phantom’s fans. Today she plays SIMS and tomorrow she turns her attention to World of Tanks. And so on, endlessly. But My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic seems to have really grabbed her.

I don’t mind: children need something apart from school to keep them interested and happy. Something they have chosen for themselves: I absolutely don’t understand parents who won’t allow their kids to choose their hobbies and activities. But in this case I went a step too far and allowed her to turn me into a fan of the series as well.

I didn’t believe it would ever happen. Little did I know. This simple stories meant initially for little girls definitely have some special charm that quickly enchants people regardless of their age or sex.

One day after watching our daily quota of episodes she told me that she wanted to sew a toy pony. After turning her old jeans into shorts we had some fabric to spare, so we started soon… needless to say I had to do all the sewing, though initially she was going to do it herself.

The samples she showed me on the Net presented work of real masters, and their ponies were even cuter than their drawn originals. But we had to do everything for the first time, figuring out the way to stich the parts together or to attach the eyes just as we were working. And the fabric wasn’t really suitable. But we were determined to finish what we’ve started.

To make a long story short, here is the result of our three-day work. Very amateurish, I know, but if you knew how much effort… well, never mind.

Sometimes mothers need to share their daughters interests and even do something together – or how else do we get closer? This year hasn’t been easy for either of us: Janna has just turned into a teenager, and this transformation has been extremely complicated in many ways. Often I have to yell at her like mad, and then we sit apart, sulking, but the ponies provide a relief, giving us much needed feeling of comfort and unity. At the end of almost every episode my eyes get moist, perhaps, because I project the story onto our own family life, but those are tears of happiness. And if so, who cares that Twilight Sparkle and her friends were initially supposed to be watched by much younger audience?