Mummy, I Want a Microscope!

Who’d have thought that my 12-year-old would ever ask for such a thing as a microscope? But the reason is simple: a classmate (a girl from a very rich family) has one. Well, she has an iPhone too, and 12 other moble phones, all expensive. What rich families do to their kids by buying them all this expensive junk they don’t need is a topic for another blog; now back to my own little one.

The microscope was an affordable toy, but since getting stuff too easily spoils Janna, we decided to make her save up for it. That would help her develop some patience, we thought. Of course, her only source of money is what we all give her now and again, but it took her several months to accomplish her goal. It only remained to acquire the microscope itself.

We called the directory inquiries and learned the addresses and the phone numbers of the two companies selling misroscopes in our city. They aren’t in high demand, so both companies are located in unpopular areas where one can’t easily get by public transportation. What’s worse still, they are both closed for the winter holidays, which in Russia start on 31 December and end on 10 January, due to all the Julian/Gregorian calendar mess. We found one of the places, but Janna obviously wasn’t too keen on repeating the trip (which was made half on foot).

“Okay”, I said, “Let’s wait for the holidays to end, and then Dad and I will go and bring you your microscope.”

But she didn’t look enthusiastic at all. She looked discouraged.

Knowing my daughter, I knew anyway that her studies with a microscope would never last longer than two days.

Yesterday we went shopping to a newly opened huge mall, the first of this kind in Saratov. You can buy anything there (except a misroscope), and Janna ended up spending her misroscope money on new skates.

Problem solved!

  • Morag Gaherty

    I sympathise, Irina! I have gradually weaned my boys away from demanding stuff all the time just because their friends have it – they still try it on, half heartedly, but have realised that it is best to ask Grandma and Grandad to buy it.

    For Christmas, grandparents bought Tom (10) a toy remote controlled helicopter. It’s about 6 inches long and is exquisite in design. It is also (despite being one of the top toys of the year) quite clearly not a toy for kids. I warned them against getting it, because I knew how easily it would break, and it was something ridiculous like £40. Nonetheless, they got it (“because he wanted it”) and it was indeed broken within 2 days.

    What a waste of money! Luckily, my boyfriend is an engineer and a perfectionist and he thinks he may be able to fix it. We shall see. If not, it’s £40 out of the window, which – to be honest – my son would much rather have saved for something he really wanted.

    I am such a mean Mummy that when I sent him a Top Gear magazine (cost about £3) around his birthday time, he assumed that was his present!!

  • Irina

    LOL, sounds just like my daughter! She also looked at helicopters yesterday in the mall, but I dissuaded her knowing how little they would last in her hands.

  • Sarah Arrow

    Lol, I love it! Saratov’s first shopping mall and it doesn’t have her microscope. She’ll have more fun with the skates. I used to love skating, none of my girls skate :(

  • Irina

    Today we bought skates for Alex too, and I still have my old ones. So we are going to have some fun together on Saturday or Sunday.

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