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Liz Weston

Parent bloggers share valuable insights about family. Sometimes sad, sometimes funny, often inspiring. They also create, challenge, share ideas, and even drive social and political change.

At Mums on the Blog, we’re launching a new feature where we profile some of the amazing UK mums and dads who have fantastic parenting blogs.

We’re kicking off with the fabulous Liz Weston aka Cambridge Mummy.

Hi Liz! What is your blog about and what topics does it cover?

The Cambridge Mummy blog is all about life as a full time, self employed, working woman, with two sons at primary school and one marriage to Lovely Bloke. To finish this description, feel free to mentally insert the usual cliche’s here about working mummy guilt, juggling balls and being on a journey of re discovery once you’ve had your babies, got your job sorted and are “finding your groove again”.

Tell us a little about yourself – the person behing the blog…

I’m Liz Weston. By day, I’m a social media, PR and comms bird who also owns a publishing business. By night, I’m a mum of two, wife, daughter, sister, friend, volunteer and lots more than I can’t remember….

Still thinking about your own blog, what are your three favourite or most successful blog posts and why? (please include links)

This blog is a response to Liz Jones’s critisicsm of “Mummy Bloggers” in the Mail on Sunday – it brought me record traffic in a 24 hour period and got lots of people talking.

This blog is on time moving quickly and talks about the end of a domestic era.

This is blog is me reviewing my wedding anniversary – it was special because it was our first time alone together in ages.

What are your three favourite blogs at the moment and why? (please include links)

I like Northern Mum‘s blog because she writes funny stuff, heartfelt stuff and random stuff that gets my attention.

I like Little LillyPad Co because Donna writes about her life and is always very supportive of other bloggers and campaigns that are happening so it’s a great way to find new ones.

I also like Sally Whittle’s personal blog – she’s a fellow member of the Working Mums Elite and like me, is responsible for ‘bringing home the bacon’. She writes about a wide range of things and isn’t afraid to offer and opinion. You never know what you’re going to read on her blog.

Our thanks to Liz, and if you are thirsty for more from Cambridge Mummy, you can also find her on Facebook and Twitter.

If you’re a parent blogger and would like to be profiled, please fill in the form here.

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Emily @amummytoo

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