Meet Jennifer Bath aka jbmumofone (parent blogger profile)

Jennifer Bath aka jbmumofone

Jennifer Bath aka jbmumofone

Parent bloggers share valuable insights about family. Sometimes sad, sometimes funny, often inspiring. They also create, challenge, share ideas, and even drive social and political change.

At Mums on the Blog, we’re really enjoying featuring some of the amazing UK mums and dads who have fantastic parenting blogs.

This week, we have the gorgeous Jennifer Bath aka jbmumofone.

Hi Jennifer! What is your blog about and what topics does it cover?

Blogging about me and my life as a working mum of one, with another now on the way! My blog is full of ramblings about parenting, wine, battles with the baby-weight, a little bit of very basic craft and some good old nonsense. I also love taking photos of just about anything.

Tell us a little about yourself – the person behing the blog…

I am thirty……something. I work part-time as an optometrist for a laser eye surgery company and part-time as a mum to my two year old son. Baby number two due in early July 2013. I have recently discovered the joy of sewing/quilting though am currently still rather hopeless. I not so recently discovered the joy of wine.

Still thinking about your own blog, what are your three favourite or most successful blog posts and why? (please include links)

How to make a dinosaur-hoodie in three easy steps

This was my first ever sewing project and it appears to have gone down a storm!

Let them eat cake, or just a boatload of Petits Filous?

This parenting dilemma seemed to ring true with a lot of my readers.

Ode to a new mum

I wrote this just as I was getting over the rather traumatic birth of my son.

What are your three favourite blogs at the moment and why? (please include links)

A Mummy Too

I love this blog although it always seems to make me hungry. Emily is always full of inspiration for really simple but fun things to do with my little boy and has got me through many a rainy week indoors with my sanity intact. [editor's note: *blush*]

Yellow Days

Another parenting blog that again is often full of great advice. Cat also regularly gives away lots of lovely stuff on her blog so am still hoping to win something lovely over there one day!


My favourite daddy blogger on the block. A bit of a grumpy-lefty sometimes which always makes me giggle but an absolute delight to read.

I should also state that I know all three of these bloggers in real life and they are truly awesome folks.

Our thanks to Jennifer, and if you are thirsty for more from jbmumofone, you can also find her on Facebook and Twitter.

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Emily @amummytoo

Emily @amummytoo

Blogger. Foodie. Photographer. Working mum of two. 1950s mum wrapped up in a techno suit.
Emily @amummytoo


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  • Liz Weston

    Quilting. Now, I want to know – is that as hard as Kirstie Alllsssooooop makes it look? Or is it not so bad? I love material of all sorts of shapes and sizes, so want to know if this is right for me as a new hobby as I don’t have the patience for my cross stitch thingy me bob. 

    And on another note, love the honesty here – of being a mum, working woman, pregnant bird and still trying to find time to craft whilst entering comps on someone’s blog. Sounds like me, therefore I shall go and follow you on The Twitter…. if only for the crafting tips! 

    • jbmumofone

      Hi Liz,  Thanks for the comment.  Quilting really isn’t so bad as long as you’re not too much of a perfectionist I guess.  I am just finishing up my first one now which is really quite wonky in places but I think it adds to the homemade feel :)  I am hoping to cut up some of my little ones tops and baby-grows etc when number two doesn’t need them and make them into a memory quilt for me.  I am a soppy fool.

  • Notmyyearoff

    Hello!! I usually stop by your blog on a silent Sunday so it’s the first time I’ve seen what you look like. Hope the pregnancy is going well. I’d love to sew and I did used to but kind of stopped doing it because I have my mum. That’s a bit lazy isn’t it? :)

    • jbmumofone

      No it’snot lazy.  It is like anything…there is only so many hours in a day.  Now you have seen me when do I get to see you? :)

  • Yellow Days

    Jenny has a lovely blog that really has a little something for every parent so I’m very flattered she’d mention my little corner of blogland. Thanks X

    • jbmumofone

      Awww shucks *blushes*.