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district including as a rule the care of a hospital poor
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him and which lie has denominated Health Assurance
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editorial business ot the Jol rnai. be addressed to the Editor at the
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over tliat of Public Health. The subjects coming under the
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Aj poinfments. Dresserships in the extraction room are held
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medicine were members of the British Medical Association
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any security of tenure of office. It has happened only too
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valent as the schools become more crowded. I am sorry
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and opportunity was available to test any line of treatment
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the streptococcus staphylococcus etc. are numerous as for
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Surgical Kegistrar are appointed annually from among the
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Jamaica and for some time editor of the Medical Thnfs.
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presented by the members of the sick clubs with a handsome
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not only experts in their profession but perfectly conversant
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age of infancy should have a little light food such as milk
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disease bacteriologically may be facilitated d To test the
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abstainers against 6 7 per cent among the non abstainers.
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that really has his soul in his art could fail to welcome an
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WiTHEBS Mooee Seconded byjSurgeon General Coenish and
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the experience of this and that town during a single year
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shown. We know that the bodies of the bacilli have the
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traneous conditions which appear to be operative in determin
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the paramount necessity of unloading the waterlogged lungs.
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mi inocuous is beyond the power of the analyst to reveal it
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getting to sleep at night and hence they suffer from sleep
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guardians to demand manufacturers invoices for surgical instruments
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duced a varying amount of fever but what was much more
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case in one such ward we saw a man with cancer in the
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give treatment to a few select gentlemen in the evening.
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instance had been maintained it would have been necessary
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Kitasato and Aoyama four assistants came to Hong Kong
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substitute for extract of malt and Frame Food Stamina
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Medicine Licentiates of a College of Physicians and
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pity they did not express it more decisively they say
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Hospital for Consumption and Diseases of the Chest Brompton.
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ness. These ideas are borne out by the fact that after a
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them to the Section of Ophthalmology. The influence of
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in favour of cremation. So also has the Austrian Rural Sani
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up youth finds himself at a disadvantage with tliose who
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bottle was not sterilised and even amongst those in which
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The lieproductive System also showed manifest changes in
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Staffordshire General Infirmary. There are 120 beds. The
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absence of a stone had been proved by sounding that any
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into i cranial defects 2i ear defects. Ji eyelids with epican
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societies and associations to hold their meetings at Bristol
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ing to the Proyris Medical the medical profession does not
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action as those obtained from the tissues of diphtheritic
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In Scotland boarding out is carried out far more exten
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attends at the hospital Great Portland Street on Tuesday
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nervous systems. Tlie text contains 14 articles and covers an

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