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of the Royal College of Surgeons Lincoln s Inn Fields
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this Association and of the sister Association that met here
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sickness pay were granted. Next to influenza whicli pro
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panies cheaper food and oven cheaper style of clothing and
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sanity. V.6 The study of the poorest and lowest class those
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Dr. Clement Dukes which appeared in our issue of July 14th
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scientific antiquarian research. Of this we shall give a
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Its fellow the synovial luembraue was greatly swollen and semi
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the slight increase of inflammation thus produced may hasten
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with little deformity followed. Dr Evans showed a boy who had suffered
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a practice. As they grow older the question of school will
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towns averaged 1.7 per 1 000 the highest rates being recorded in
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Coasts. Especially charming was the view of Porloek Bay.
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outbuildings consist of steam laundry mortuary stable
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Diseases Prevention Act Lstto Housing of th Working Classes A t. 1890
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