Love Coffee? Why you need to invest in a capsule coffee machine

September 26, 2012 in Life

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The drug caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant providing increased alertness. As such, it is not surprising employees all over the world rely on it to give them the energy and mental focus to get through the working day.

Drinking coffee is the most delicious way to get a caffeine fix (everyone knows energy drinks are for prepubescent boys and university students only!) So loved is coffee around the world that entrepreneurs have made multiple millions from giving consumers the option to fully customise the drink to their own tastes.

But visiting a Starbucks or Costa each day can become very expensive, and waiting for your beverage to be handed to you after ordering can steal a lot of your time. For these reasons and more, I recommend all coffee aficionados invest in a capsule coffee machine for their home.

Here is my full list of reasons why these machines are a brilliant investment…

Capsule coffee is cheaper

I used to stop in my local coffee shop each morning on my way to work before I invested in my capsule coffee machine. This habit was an expensive one, considering a regular sized (Tall) skinny latte from global coffee chain Starbucks retails at £2.20. This meant I was spending £11 on takeaway coffee every week (5 cups).

There are many coffee machines out there and each works a specific brand of capsule (pre-packaged ground coffee beans in their own filter), and their cost varies. I will use my Delonghi Circolo EDG 605.B – which uses Nescafé Dolce Gusto capsules – as an example of how much money can be saved.

A box of 8 skinny latte capsules from costs £3.68. Unfortunately you will also have to shell out £3.50 in postage and packaging should you place an order lower than £35 in value.

Even so, this total – £7.18 – sees each capsule coffee cost just 89p.  Multiply this by five for the mornings of the working week and the total cost is £4.45.

£11 – £4.45 = a saving of £6.55 per week.

If you find these capsules for sale in your local supermarket, your daily deluxe coffee will be even cheaper due to no P&P fees.

Capsule coffee convenience

When I wake up bleary-eyed, I am unable to function properly for at least the first 45 minutes. Making coffees at the weekends using my standard kettle and instant granules then, proved a messy affair (not to mention non-flavoursome!)

My capsule machine however is so easy to use that I even trust my 10 year old to use it – he often likes to bring me a coffee in bed as a special treat.  Since the coffee is sealed within and extracted from the capsule, it doesn’t end up all over the worktop and floor. Even better; my time-saving machine requires no pre-heating thank to its Thermoblock system, and so my beverage is ready after just two quick button pushes.

Coffee machines do more than just coffee

Americano, latte, mocha, cappuccino…as all coffee lovers know there are endless varieties available. Not only do Nescafé provide capsules for endless coffee variants, but they are also available for lemon and chai tea, hot chocolate and even iced drinks.

With so many beverages available in an instant, you really will feel as if you own a coffee shop proper.

Capsule coffee is delicious

You might be concerned the instant nature of drinks made from capsule machines might have a negative impact on taste, and find the thought of a coffee made slowly by hand far more appealing.

However, capsule drinks are so pleasant it can be very tempting to prepare another straight after finishing one. I’ve certainly purchased worse drinks from some established coffee shops (I won’t name-and-shame).

Impress your guests

Most of the guests you invite into your home wouldn’t complain if you were to serve them a basic coffee in a mug (at least, you would hope they wouldn’t!) They would be sure to make positive comments however, if you presented them with a capsule-made coffee in one of the thermo glasses specifically designed for use with the machine.

Many coffee machines are attractive in their design too and look far sleeker than regular kettles, adding to the carefully considered decor of your kitchen.

This is a sponsored post by Katie Cole, a full time content producer currently writing for Comet, but working across a portfolio of clients.


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