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keratitis was admitted under my care into the Victoria Hospital on June

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cal condition of the people no medical man was appointed

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suffer from the second kind have generally many brothers and

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General Hospital. The hospital contains 1G5 beds. The

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evidence which was amply confirmed by the recent experi

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No. 1 April 1894. London and Edinburgh Williams and

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and it was to the very great care which he had expended

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their special influence who would otherwise have never felt

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Surgeon to the Fleming.Memorial Hospital for Children Newcastle

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tongue with or without a cloth between the thumb and index

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Alford and it was resolved to postpone the further con

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dical profession to the memory of an illustrious man. Very

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But the further question now prominently ai ises that Surgeon Major

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whether he was the only Irishman present but there were no others

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Paris and its Water Supply. Medical Aid for Deep Sea Fia ier

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proportionate increase though an increase to a higlier figure

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with the conditions of wholesale trade. But if that exemption

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This important subject has received careful attention as it

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which the executive controls judicial misconduct to enable

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Britisli qualification are working as doctors under the

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