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colleges and schools. The regulations of the universities
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extra nursing or for the temporary illness or disablement of
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is quite prr gt iMbIe as has been shown by recent researches
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ing amounts written off the sums spent on alteration of pre
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following gentlemen will take part in the discussion James
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small fibroid projecting from the fundus. It was movable
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placed at his disposal. This would have given vei y general
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at the wonderful progress which gynax ology has made of late
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signs most commonly associated with renal inadequacy
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Surgeon Major Marcfi 1st 1873 Surgeon Major ranking as Lieutenant
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being collected for this branch of the research no results
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are also required to take charge of any hospital public dis
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this respect. But we have of course only to deal with the
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the Bristol City and County Asylum at Fishponds near
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following April with evidence of further recurrence.
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Mitrliell entered the service as Assistant Surgeon. July 2I3t 18il and
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summer and none but the most vigorous organisations can
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interest and some tables are given showing the relation be
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two yearly instalments. The Calemlar containing further
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for the Workhouse and Infirmary of the St. George in the East
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signed in a body. In a letter by Dr. Parkes to the Committee
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patient department. Two Demonstrators of Anatomy and Oi
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the duties of outdoor sanitary work under the medical officer
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that inteiferes with its proper use especially felt at this time.
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for short periods of instruction or special courses of lectures.
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and in view of their extreme variations it is clear that no
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ment carried into eflect and take this opportunity of disT
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they are of a neurotic temperament and liable to beget
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mucoQS coats. The explanation of this clearly is that the
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the Government Leper Asylum in that colony. Dr. Rake
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separate room of the dwelling or in an isolation ward. In
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some new and better process shall if any such should come
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patient department of a public hospital they would con
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mankind. Science is almost infinite and the stately cen
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Mb. D Ahcy Poweb after congratulating Mr. Eve on his
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animal becomes conscious of the jiresence of food within tlie
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month of intrauterine life and extends to the mons veneris
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hill Stoke upon Trent. House Physician. Salary 100 per annum
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Dr. A. Eaxsome states that afull report on the results of
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to whom should be eommit ted the duty of making the necessary
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night nurse to three blocks of buildings containing over
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sanitary point of view from the simple fact that they could
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admission of new cases but to the accumulation of chronic
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ing the sentiments of those he had the honour to address
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appreciative reply stated that he would give instructions
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ing remarks upon the water supply Several inspections
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require such prolonged watchfulness extending often over a
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a heavier maximum penalty than under that Act. However

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