Life overload

January 19, 2012 in Latest, Mums tips


Feeling overwhelmed with your life?  Lauren Lloyd has the answer.

Photo: Betsssssy/Creative Commons

I have to admit to feeling slightly overwhelmed with the amount of things that need doing around my house, in my life, throughout the day and every evening.

To be fair, this is most probably because I have got a newborn baby – she is three weeks old today.  She is also my third child, so not only do I have the demands of a little baby to contend with, I also have a three and a five year old who need a fair old amount of entertaining and attending to.

However, today I have seen the light!  I have come up with a genius solution to making your life seem easy, straightforward and stress free. …

One of my best friends has just moved house this weekend.  My husband and I offered to have her three lovely children for the afternoon so she could get on with unpacking boxes, and while many people might see this as a bit of a foolish move, all things considered, I have to say it was absolutely brilliant.  It put a lot of things in perspective.

Taking 6 children to the park makes taking 3 children to the park seem easy.  Feeding 6 children a two course Sunday dinner makes feeding 3 children seem straightforward and achievable.  Bathing 6 children and putting them all in pyjamas ready for bed makes the bedtime routine for 3 children seem like a breeze.  It’s brilliant… all of a sudden our life seems less chaotic, calmer and all together more enjoyable.

In addition to this, our friends with the aforementioned 3 children are a few years older than us and this house move is a move into the hallowed “house for life”.  This particular house happens to have 9 bedrooms, 7 toilets, 3 sinks in the kitchen and an apple orchard in the garden, and is a massive renovation project.  Seeing it has also suddenly made our house seem rather appealing.

We live in a small 3 bedroom detached house.  It is by no means tiny, but our children share a room, and we do feel like we are living on top of each other most of the time, so we are constantly looking for a bigger, better, more suitable home.  However, seeing the enormity of my friend’s house and project, I feel a renewed appreciation for how relatively easy our little house is to manage.  Especially with a newborn and two other children in the equation.   We returned to our house with the belief that we CAN keep on top of all our mess; that we CAN keep it clean; that having 3 children in a small house is a walk in the park compared to having 3 children plus a 9 bedroom house renovation.

So although I have to admit to feeling a teensy weensy bit jealous of all the space our friends have, I also don’t envy the task ahead, and all the work that renovating and running a nine bedroom house entails.  I am so very happy for my friends and the move that they have made into their new house, but as of today, I no longer feel I need to do the same this year, next year or any time soon.

Having said all this, it is Sunday evening.  It is not 8am on a school day.  I am not desperately trying to get out of the door with three little ones through a hallway not big enough to squeeze, let alone swing, a cat.  It is not the middle of the night when one child has woken the other up because they share a room.  In fact I have rather conveniently temporarily forgotten the reality of life with 3 children in a small house.

As I sit here in all the mess, disorder, and amongst all the stuff that is piling up after three weeks of newborn baby chaos, I really must keep hold of the belief that I CAN do this… keep on top of it all, run a house, attend to 3 lovely children… I CAN do it.

…if only I had an ounce of energy to actually get off the sofa!