Last minute Christmas gift guide

December 21, 2011 in Latest, Mums tips


Been totally rubbish at getting organised for Christmas? Yup, us too. Here are some ideas for last minute pressies.

Zaini hat

Leah models the Zaini hat

Leah V says: When this baby pink & brown hat arrived, it was just so cute and irresistible that I had to put it on straight away.

As soon as the hat was on my head, it felt so cosy. Rather than being itchy like many of types of these hats, the Zaini had an almost silky quality; it was as though I wasn’t wearing a hat at all.

The hat fits quite snugly over my ears too, which is a must for mum that takes her children out for walks during all types of weather in order to get them to have their daytime nap!

When I checked out Zaini’s website I found that there were there types of beanie hat available, Standard, Baggy and Thick Baggy. All come in array of fabulous and stylish colours (I personally loved the Baby Blue & White and Red & Dark Grey).

I now can’t wait for the blustery winds and chilly frosts to kick in as it gives me a good enough excuse to start wearing my hat.  So farewell summer sun, roll on winter wonderland.

£19.99 from

Cushi Tush baby seat

Emily H says: My daughter got a Cushi Tush when she was 3 months old, I chose it over a Bumbo as the reviews I read online were very complimentary. I was not disappointed with my choice, it has been invaluable and at 12 months she still uses it regularly and think she will for quite some time. I like it because it is sturdy, came in lots of different colours and comes with a tray included in the design – it’s really secure and gives you a good place for your baby to play or eat. It’s very light so you can pop it in the car if you’re visiting people, I have found that mine has come in really handy and everyone who has borrowed it has loved it. I would recommend to anyone with a little one.

£29.16 from SCA Online

Gumigem teething necklace

Gumigem necklace

Emily L says: Possibly more of a novelty item than something you’d wear everyday, this necklace gives teething babies something safe to chew and means you can still wear a piece of jewellery without fear of them choking or destroying something expensive.

It comes in a range of styles (we got the heart) and has a milky, quartzy look to it, but it’s rubbery to the touch as it’s made from non-toxic silicone. It ties around your neck with a soft string, so there are no chain links there to be broken.

The pretty packaging also makes it an attractive gift.

£10 – £12.50 from

Bah Humbugs sweet packs

Faith H says: Being the sweet tooth I am, I was of course delighted to review a little bag of retro wonderment that is ‘Bah Humbugs’ luxury party bag.

From the tongue popping fizz wiz to the black jacks, love hearts and candy necklaces I relived my youth though this lovely little bag. Such a simple, yet great idea, to send sweetie bags via post. They could be used for anything from kid’s parties, little treats for doing well at school, birthday’s, christenings – in fact any occasion. As well as the many different types of sweets (Fizz Wizz, Refreshers, Black Jacks, Fruit Salads, Mini Love Hearts, Candy Whistle, Fizzers, Parma Violets, Candy Necklace) there is also a couple of keep sakes (yo-yo and wooden pop up Zebra toy). A little pricey at £6.99 a bag, although makes life easy for busy Mum’s and surely this would guarantee any child’s happiness?

The bag unfortunately was a little battered on arrival. If they could upgrade the packaging then I would give it a 8/10!

£4.99 from



Emily L says: Flowtees make rather nice stocking fillers. They come flat-packed and can be colored in / scribbled on before being easily constructed into little hot air balloon baskets.

Tie them to some helium filled balloons (not included) and they float about the room – you could even put a sweet in each basket if you had them at a party.

Not a lavish gift, but for for a fiver.

£5 for a pack of 5 from

VTech little singing bear

Faith H says: This has got to be one of the best purchases for my 8 month old daughter. The little singing bear is a great size for grabbing hold of, has a Velcro strap to attach on to buggy, play pen, car seat and big easy to press buttons. One is for ‘I’m a happy bear’, one for ‘I’m a sleepy bear’ and one for ‘I’m a hungry bear’. The bear sings a variety of songs, and with each button has relevant words to match as well as more songs. My little girl gets very excited when I show her the bear and she loves to hear the songs, grabbing hold of the bear for a big hug and giggly along! I think it’s great for repetition, development and learning and priced at under a tenner you can’t go wrong as a Christmas pressie!

£9.99 from Amazon

Disclosure: The Flowtees, Bah Humbugs, Gumigem and Zaini hat were provided free to Mums on the Blog for review purposes.