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learned from its teaching that cruelty to children is a crime

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would be competent to distinguish between right and wrong.

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cutaneous lu emcrrhage frequently extends outwards as far as

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and some valuable manuscripts were presented by MM.

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Railway Servants Eyesight Committee. Mr. VEEBiLL moved

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other members of the Council than the representatives of the

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epidemic period and sore throat is at all prevalent the

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the foster parent s home becomes as it has been for the

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The Second Examination is divided into two parts which

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no accurate or even approximate prognosis concerning the

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upon the matter had ever been omitted. Cheers. Now as

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varied according to the nature of the surface to be treated. A

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His wife who survives him is a lady of English extraction

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causes but especially the otitis which occurred during the

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schools are connected in each case with a large general hos

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Eees Philipps and others Dr. Wood desired to say that if

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experience of the above subject in the tropics leads him to

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we think that the profession generally should show its dis

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before the examination. Tliose who desire can present them

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establishment of the dental diploma a three years training

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subjects Dental Anatomy and Physiology Human and Com

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versity of London on the linos proposed by the Gresham

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must necessitate the injury or neglect of their offspring. It

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Messrs. llen and Hanburys. I desire to express my thanks

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It is quite possible that the racial variations in suscep

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with the organism. The div lt rsity in the phenomena in the

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tion to ofl er himself for either part of the First Second or

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female aged 35. It was successfully treated with the galvano cautery and

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tioners and it is not transferable to their assistants unless they aiso

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