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Pharmacy practical and theoretical Materia Medica the
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the passage of the grosser particles but a filter some time in
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To Messrs. AUcock Cooper Mansergh MarshaU Rice. Smith Storr
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If we turn to the scale of remuneration we have a strong
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what way the latter might perhaps teacli them a few lessons.
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incessantly for years. There is a rage for examinations in
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ants will be found in our advertisement columns on p. 9.
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able connection between the medical officers and the
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Of all forms of cntaneons tuberculosis Inpns is the most
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in exophthalmic goitre in what would now be regarded as
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dition incomparably superior. He believed cholera was
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dates must also produce evidence of having attended at a
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paratus being too expensive and tedious for the bulk of hos
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ment should be afforded towards the establishment of regi
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be formed otherwise the student runs the risk of which
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to manufacturing industry and to commerce from their researches.
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KINGTON UNION. Medical Officer and Public Vaccinator for the Pern
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Carnis contains the tissue forming properties of liquor carnis
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by no means to interfere in any way between them and their
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vince anyone that to bring them up in herds of hundreds
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real teaching of the art of surgery in our country. Hei e and
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College of Physicians entertained the Congress members to
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are three professional examinations. The Examiners in
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sixteen days and during that time have been made such
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house Nursing Association would be made much easier in
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produce two references from present or past residents. These
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and intensification printing and enlarging. The next chap
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had been treated for years for hepatic derangement alone

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