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tion of the cornea conjunctivitis iritis. glaucoma asthenopia

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ciples of animal origin. Tabloids of Thyroid Gland Tabloids

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discussing the subject in its present form shows wliat must

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entailed upon many by our social system the matter would

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that a defect in the process of assimilation may be associated

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are now clearer on the subject as evidenced for instance in

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Nowhere is that effect more apparent than in the case of

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GENERAL HOSPITAL Nottingham. Senior Resident Medical Officer

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in 18S7. During the period in question there was a considerable diminu

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System of Medicine that we may have a history of a mode of

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last week it became known tliat a fatal attack had occurred at

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There was the usual sprinkling of imbeciles among the

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Bethlem Royal Hospital for Lunatics the London Throat

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rage it cannot spread unless man swallows it. This protec

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by a paper with that title and Dr. Lindsay Johnson and

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that of renal superadequacy to those in which the urine

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only 11 were among other vendors all in Greenwich. The

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chief is so far done that all children who are liable to attack

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representatives expected to be present during the meeting

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seven in number namely Paris Moutpellier Nancy Bor

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in the rectum there was nothing abnormal to be felt and ex

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