Knobs and road friend day…

Cyclist rage
Yes, I know, we’re all familiar with road rage and many of us may well be perpetrators. Yet I was shocked the other day, genuinely, when I saw a cyclist blow up (not literally) at a motorist in front of me. We were approaching a roundabout and the cyclist was not giving any indication of which direction he was going. Now you may be thinking “ah I bet the car in front of you swerved round the cyclist, which is what set him off” but no! The motorist stayed behind the bicycle and only overtook once he had moved onto the roundabout itself. So what was it that caused the cyclist to angrily give the driver the finger?

Another tale I heard of recently was one where a motorcyclist was alongside a car. In the back of the car was a young boy who had been in an argument with his bicycle and come off worst with a rather sore looking face. The pillion passenger on the motorbike saw the poor lad and tapped his driver, pointing to the boy. Now, there is nothing hugely offensive in that, yet the driver of the car’s reaction was shocking, to the extent of shouting the “c” word at the biker – what on earth was that for?

There’s a good advert on tv at the moment with pedestrians bumping into each other and “mouthing off” and asking the question “you wouldn’t do it on the pavement, why do it on the road?” Good question!
Now I am not sitting in some ivory tower on this, I get incredibly frustrated with appalling driving, bikers swerving in and out and pushing in at traffic lights, groups of cyclists taking up the whole lane, but I have never felt the necessity to launch into a barrage of abuse about it. (I do, however, refer to these types as “knobs” – rude enough without being over the top and as far as my children are concerned, a knob is something thick that does nothing more than open a door!)

Is it time for us to really think about our road behaviour? Yes, the roads are becoming busier and busier and our lives the same, but surely that’s no excuse for lashing out at “knobs”? And what example is this setting to not only our children but to other road users?

Ooooh I know, it’s all about “such-and-such day” these days, so maybe there ought to be a “Road-friend” day promoting kindness and courtesy on the road…what do you think? Lol!

All I will say is that I will continue to use my word and encourage you to do the same – you’ll probably be surprised at how effective a word it is ;-) Or do you have another word that you use? All suggestions welcome (within reason!)

Mary D-W

  • Anonymous

    Where so I begin? I am both a car driver and a motorcyclist and I agree the roads are really bad now and everyone is bad tempered however a motorcycle will ride up to to front of traffic when it has stopped at lights (the traffic that is) because we go faster off at the lights and we are allowed to filter when safe to do so, people get the hump because we hate the thought of people getting in front of us as we have our Great British Queueing System. That aside I like to think I am considerate and let people in when I can but more and more I see cars being tailgated and driven too fast. It is a shame as I feel driving standards are getting worse when in truth if we all took a deep breath and just relaxed, I am sure driving would be a pleasure and not a chore. Good blog by the way. Regards Angie

  • Babs Saul

    I’m glad to say that I’ve calmed down a good deal, though was rarely cross, and never with the kids in the car. One recent upsetting issue was when I let a car out during the school run and got the V sign angrily waved at me for my thanks – and it was so angrily done – it quite upset me, but then hate such injustices.

    Road-friend day it is then – I’d better leave in good time to miss most of the school run time to make that easier ;-)

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