Janna: Introduction

She was born 12 years ago on a chilly and dark night, premature and suffering from hypoxia due to partial placenta detachment. It was 3.15 am, 28 September, and soon October arrived and brought real cold with it. The tiny, weak creature needed all the love our extended family was able to give her. And she got it all. Janna: Intro

1998 was just like 2010 in many ways: an incredibly hot summer with temperatures exceeding +40 centigrade (imagine the joy my pregnancy turned into!), followed by a mild September and an incredibly cold October. Now that we are all shivering in our houses once again, waiting for out central heating to be turned on (and the local government has already announced that it will be done before the usual date, only it is not happening) I’m remembering the similarly cold October of 12 years ago when I brought my little one home. After many hours of considering and hesitating I named her Janna, which in Russian sounds the same as the name of Hurricane Jeanne. It suits her just fine considering her temperament.

She has been growing a happy, merry child, horribly spoilt through the continuous competition between me, her Dad, her grandmothers and grandfathers for her love. Though we could never be mistaken for rich, she always gets almost everything she wants, her latest goal being a microscope. We”ll oblige, of course, but first she needs to save some money herself – an exercise that will help her in her future life, no doubt. She never had to save money before.

I wonder how long her interest in the microscope will last once she has got it. Hopefully, longer than her interest in the roller skates and at least as long as her interest in the bike.

She is very fond of all kinds of beasties and birdies, but, being allergic, I can’t give her anything furrier than guppies and other small and hardy acquarium fishes. She compensates for it by being friends with every stray dog or cat that comes her way and by visiting her friend Rita often (Rita has a mini-zoo in her house).

Janna: Intro Despite being very stubborn and having a somewhat wild temperament, Janna is a very kind, friendly kid and makes friends easily. While not as bright as I was at maths and other scientifical subjects, she will, I hope, be more successful in life due to her social skills, which she takes after neither of her parents, a couple of gloomy loners who have found each other to stick together ever after. It’s her parental Grandma’s genes that make her what she is. But in appearance she resembles us both though, Alex’s features showing far more prominently than mine in the cute little face. She keeps getting prettier as the years go by, leaving me to wonder what kind of a future life has in store for her…

  • http://www.birdsontheblog.co.uk/ Sarah Arrow

    Gah! Janna isn’t showing! What format were the images in? this theme only seems to like jpegs and pngs
    She is such a lovely girl, looks just like you since the haircut Irina :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1134202412 Morag Gaherty

    Yes, sort it out, Sarah! :)

  • http://www.saitiria.com/ Irina

    Sorry – fixed. :)

  • http://www.birdsontheblog.co.uk/ Sarah Arrow

    Irina is a web wizardess – she will fix it herself :)

  • http://www.birdsontheblog.co.uk/ Sarah Arrow

    I will say this Irina, pregnant in a hot summer is one of the worst experiences ever!

  • Irina

    Yes, it was tough, but I handled it well. It’s giving birth – the way it happened in our case – that was indeed a terrible experience, though I slept through most of it.

  • Anonymous

    She really does have a love for the beasties, doesn’t she? I think she resembles you too, though Irina.

    The microscope sounds like a great idea – how long diod her interest in roller skates and the bike last? I think it’s very difficult to know at any age which interest will really captivate us, but sometimes we come back to those we have neglected over the longer term. I think it’s really rather good that she is interested in sucha wide range of things so young :-)

    I do not like the sound of that cold weather though!

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