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Branches their sincere thanks for the manner in which the
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was slow of coagulation and no wide distribution of germs
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extending to sixteen pages made after cursory examination of Dr.
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cal officers at 2.50. Four medical officers at 320 rising after
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is it very clear why if the infection cm hybernate through
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tion dwelt on the mental cause of the practice. It is my
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The proceedings afterwards terminated witli a vote of
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with the object of showing that the applicability of the word
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Stewart had so willingly responded to the call to do duty
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very small amount of possible pollution at a point nearly
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or jorkshire The remaining three were Portsmouth Sunder
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Lord Chief Justice Coleridge in liradlaugh v. Newdigate he need not take
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death in eveiy case alike nor necessarili in any case in which
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Pastilles for chronic laryngitis phthisical cough etc.
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care. Be this as it may however the facts remain and the
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uneasiness as to render it likely to escape notice and the subsequent
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inquiries were made as to the feeding of the children.
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waiting to enter the South Devon Hospital for operation a
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maining three must in all cases be passed before a Faculty
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the case with antifebrin with whith drug the ill effects have
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There is no law to compel a pregnant woman to have a
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Literature general knowledge of life and works of the greater
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vision or errors of refraction and the ophthalmoscope could
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last two meetings of the Committee the extra expense in
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Children s Hospital shook hands and kindly petted them
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quires attention. The diets as we saw them set forth on the
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and threes. The problem must be still looked upon as open.
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alum point. The etiology diagnosis and symptomatology
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profession the result is wholesale injury to the profession generally
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although running side by side should never interfere with
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men one must mix with them nlso that eternal association
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hygienic measures sliould be taken think it premature to recommend
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their needs. At the same time we like to think that there

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