Is Santa real? (Guest post from Angie)

Every year I hear people spouting “Christmas is for kids” and yes while I agree with the statement, Christmas is for us grown ups as well. While we are on the subject I would like to make one thing perfectly clear,



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I don’t care I am nearly 40 and I know he might not come down the chimney but he does exist or at least his spirit does. As far as I am concerned all presents must go under a tree to get “Santa Magic” on them and when I look at everything under my tree it reminds me of all the goodwill and love that was used when they were bought, wrapped and made ready to be given to the owner. Someone took time to think about what I may like and that tells me that no matter what mood I am in, I am loved enough by others to be lucky enough to receive a present that they wanted to give. That thought alone puts joy in my heart. I hate general shopping but I do enjoy spending time considering what others might like and although it takes a lot of time and money, the look on the face of the gift receiver makes it all worth while.

In the past as my own Step Children got older and they learned “The Truth” regarding Santa I have always explained that just because they have learned where the presents come from it does not mean Santa did not touch them in his own special way. Ok so his suit was originally blue and only became red because of a certain soft drink manufacturer but really, does it matter? Not in my house. I still leave him a whisky and something to eat on Christmas Eve and yes, it is always gone in the morning and as I have never seen my animals or my husband eat them just to make me happy, I believe.

I have missed out every year on taking my Step-Children and Grandchildren to see Santa which is something that is going to change as quite frankly I might be a little old to sit on his knee, but I want to see him and if I have to “borrow” someone else’s kids to do then sod it, that’s what I am going to do! Santa reminds me of being a child and the warm glow I get in my heart from him makes realise how lucky I am to see him as I have made it to the end (almost) of another year and that gives me hope for the future. When I was small I caught my big brother sneaking a present on the end of my bed and he told me he was a very special helper of Santa and I had to keep it a secret, which I did…Till now! So if my brother can be a special helper and Santa appears every year, in my eyes all is good with the world.

Santa you rock!

So let’s see who is with me? All you have to do is comment with two very simple words…I BELIEVE.

Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year to you all

Take Care People


Angie xx

P.S. Santa, I have been a very good girl this year…Honest!

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  • Mary

    I’m with you Angie!
    As in the wonderful film Miracle on 34th Street – when the little girl give the Judge a Christmas card with a dollar bill inside that has the words “In God We Trust”…… If the Treasury trusts a being that no-one has ever actually seen, who are we to question whether Santa is real or not!
    Mary x

  • Babs Saul

    Absolutely! I believe, Ange. Father Christmas simply puts a name to the goodwill many of us feel and share at this time (and the rest of the year too, naturally, but this is Christmas)

  • Charles Conway

    I believe!

  • Morag

    I believe – especially as Santa unexpectedly brought me a 30 Seconds to Mars album I hadn’t even realised I coveted!!!!

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