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Understairs finds

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No, not the children’s bedrooms, I’m not feeling that brave! No, this morning I have ventured into the abyss that is The Understairs Cupboard.

If you’re lucky enough to have one, and you’re anything like me, it becomes a haven to many a discarded item in the vain attempt to keep other rooms relatively “tidy”.  Well, this morning, while my little people are at their Dad’s, I decided that it was time.

I started off gently by just moving a few things out into the kitchen and filling several black bin bags with general bits of rubbish and detritus.  Then I stepped back and thought “no, this isn’t good enough” so now I have gone full on into it, brought EVERYTHING into the kitchen – the floor of which I can barely see now and could qualify as a health and safety issue.  Amongst the items I have come across are:

2 sleeping bags (I’m sure there are 3 upstairs already!), 5 Tesco hemp shopping bags, the paint to finish my bedroom and several differently sized brushes, 3 extension leads, both of the children’s cycle helmets, a couple of scart leads – no idea what they were from, 2 packs of disposal gloves, my old squeegee for doing the windows AND the window cleaner spray, a 6-pack of roast chicken crisps that went out of date back in February (do you think they’d be ok still?), a variety of mobile phone chargers to mostly replaced phones, my walking boots that might as well stay there to be honest, a solar light for the garden, lost count of how many old lunch boxes and P.E. kit bags, 2 portable BBQ’s and one disposable one (how many do I need?), 2 pairs of curtains – ah, yes I’m going to put those up in the lounge.  Yet in amongst all of the jumble I have come across my daughter’s first shoes which I definitely need to find a proper home for.

Wow, that felt therapeutic. I just need to find proper homes for it all now….where’s the garage key? Oh hang on, what’s that in the back there?  Harry, is that you Harry Potter?? Lol

Come on ladies, share what treasure you have in your cupboard….


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  • http://www.birdsontheblog.co.uk/ Sarah Arrow

    Hopefully *fingers crossed* our Christmas lights are in ours :)

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  • http://www.assessment4potential.com/ LynnTulip

    Coats… For spring, summer, autumn, winter,
    Hats …. Ditto
    Wellies, walking boots, trainers, more trainers, children’s wellies
    Picnic table
    Picnic insulating bag x 2 oops no 3
    Rugs, reversible and just plain ordinary
    2 fold up picnic chairs
    Tennis balls
    Odd gloves
    Tennis racquet covers
    Sewing machine
    business pop up banners
    A1 flip chart

    I don’t want to go there

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1134202412 Morag Gaherty

    This does not sound at all like a Proper Understairs Cupboard. Lynn, go to the back of the class! This sounds organised and stuff.

    Mine, Mary, sounds much more like yours (and looks exactly like the one in the picture). Tins of paint stacked to the ceiling in one corner (WHY do we keep them, imagining we are going to use them for “doing up” like our Dads once did?), mountains of rolls of wrapping paper, whoops a few toys I was going to give as presents once but are now far too young, a toolbox mostly emptied on the floor, a sponge (why??), some shoes which have been outgrown.

    Oh, it’s too depressing to go on. There is no way, I would ever try to empty it out, and certainly not onto my kitchen floor. If the idea of that is that it would encourage you to sort it out, I’m afraid that doesn’t work for me. As I sit in the living room typing, I see the vacuum cleaner on the floor in front of me. I got it out in early November and it has not moved since then. I just walk around it.

  • http://www.assessment4potential.com/ LynnTulip

    it might ‘sound’ organised but there are PILES AND PILES it! However don’t forget am married to an obsessive who likes order.

  • http://amothersramblings.blogspot.com pippad

    Cough don’t look under mine your die as it is very nicely organised. It has a unit of towels, a box of spare toiletries, all the drinks for Christmas, a box of Crisps, my yoga mat and blocks and a partridge in a pear tree.

  • http://www.ohilikethat.co.uk Editor

    Oh Pippa, we need your help! lol! (but where is all your other stuff???)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1134202412 Morag Gaherty

    My late husband was very picky about order. Unfortunately, it meant that I mentally delegated that stuff to him, so that after he died I turned into a complete slob.

    Funnily enough, my current partner is even more obsessive, but I have yet to trick him into tidying my house for me! He and I both know that once he got started he would not be able to stop, so he resolutely refuses to get involved. Damn!

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