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reached the height it has to what eminence miglit it not rise

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stone raised an indignant protest against this invitation.

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fied to a large number of distrirts where there are established

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which could take action in the matter was the British

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employed. The dried serum proved very difficult to dissolve

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each Period being indicated by 1 and with the Highest by J 5.

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towns had improved and yet diphtheria had increased along

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Further information may be had of the Dean Mr. Stanley

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erroneous conclusions which may be deduced from a too

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then a slowly delivered but not weak or small one. The

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The Chaibman stated that the recommendations made by

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ion should have full influence on the Council. The Com

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report the Committee agreed that a large amount of valual le

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cases. In women menstrual irregularity is often present and I prefer

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A special vote of thanks to Dr. Biggs for his important com

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The subject is discussed at considerable length but no new light is thrown

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fresh applications for membership are being received weekly.

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cent where the isolation was good. They have also been

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gery and midwifery as shall be satisfactory to the Selecting Committee.

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regulations and enjoy the same privileges. The diflerent

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phonographers is intended as a preliminary step towards

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Amongst the newer and recently introduced remedies were to

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cases we find that it was defective in its parts size and

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private hygiene have lessened the death rates in our towns by

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engaged in scientific work or in the military and naval

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We have frequently called attention to reports supplied by

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on coming home from his first attempt of that kind he felt

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some as stated by Erlinger pass into the formatio reticularis

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contributions to the literature of public health and tlieir publication

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notice. In his own district Hatfield during five years there

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Committee a post which will now be held by Sir William

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say in the name of his brother practitioners in the neigh

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stances the latter is the wife of the former. This Mr.

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the latter on a platform of subordinacy which was too low

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to the financial side of the question and pointed out

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The students of the Yale Medical School are about to issue

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proved to be just beneath this fissure on April 14th a large

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mology the flora the land molluscs and the earth worms of

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very atmosphere for defending themselves and etl ectually

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years which was followed by a complete recovery. In this

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cases of fever cropped up between April 16th and 22nd the

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graceful state of afTairs to exist. Personally I would not support the

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about two years ago happily caught the public ear thanks in

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are peculiarly vulnerable they often catch cold from which

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the number suffering from fever or other Infectious disease

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examined by his lordship. In connection with this part of

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The Chaieman said the Committee had received and en

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