Hungry? Innocent’s new recipe book hits the spot


Innocent has released a new recipe book that is aimed at all the family, so we tasked Maeve with trying it out with her grandson.

Cooking together

Pasta has always been a favourite in my house. My 3 year old grandson and I made a tomato sauce (p. 81) using the delicious homegrown tomatoes that he and I planted a few months ago.

I put the tomatoes into hot water and when they cooled my grandson peeled off the skins and we chopped them up and sieved them instead of using the tinned variety. We then followed the recipe, which was really easy to do and only took a few minutes.

After this, we made the Courgette and Lemon Pasta, which was again very easy to do, using vegetarian parmesan and basil straight from the garden. After adding the courgettes, we poured some of our tomato sauce over the top. That’s really all there was too it!

The results were delicious and he seemed to enjoy it all the more knowing he’d helped make it.

The verdict

I think this is a great book for families with young children. I love the short stories (especially The Remarkable Tale of Ned the Newt) as much as the ‘healthy, no-fuss recipes’. As a lecturer in Child Care and Education, I shall certainly be recommending it to my colleagues and the students.

(disclosure: this book was provided free of charge for review and reviewed with 100% honesty)

Emily @amummytoo

Emily @amummytoo

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Emily @amummytoo


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  • Emily Hewett

    Yummy! Think this will be making it’s way on to my Christmas List ; )

    • Sarah Arrow

      I think I am going to grab a copy for my kids as well, the youngest is a real foodie

  • Leahvigon

    I love this book, the design and layout of it is so original and unique. The recipes are very easy to follow and it has given me lots of ideas for the kids