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reporting for him on the various workhouses of the country.
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especially as they can be grown in the corneal epithelium
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cation must be followed by all medical students seeking to
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Cliemical Physics including the Elementaiy Mechanics of
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passed the College and Hall and having a taste for travel
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graciously expressed through Sir Henry Ponsonby her ad
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Wing contains a i ining Room 51 feet by 39 feet and a
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to crawl upon. There were five infants in cradles in charge
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We may dismiss this part of the case at once by saying
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Government Board which replied that if Dr. Purchas s appointment had
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of Brady and Martin s tliyroid extract twice a day. and
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Solids and Fluids Heat Light and Electricity Practical
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operation of the Klemeutary Education Act will be gathered
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my complaint I said this is the fourth time within the last
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request of the candidates forwarded you the original letter as
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