How you can take part in Anti-bullying Week 15th-19th November!

Taking Action Together is the theme of this years anti-bullying week, running from the 15th – 19th November 2010.

In a survey conducted by Bullying UK in 2006, 69 % of those young people surveyed, reported that they had been affected by bullying.

It is common to feel that you are all alone when you are being bullied, that no one understands, and that you don’t know where to turn for help. Many suffer in silence!

Bullying doesn’t just affect the individual, whether they are a child or adult, but also their families. If the right support is not given, the effects can be long lasting and extremely damaging, even leading to some people taking their own life.

We can’t afford to sit and do nothing. I have already seen the power that parents can have when they join together in the name of protecting their children. So I ask today, will you take action, and join with others to take a stand and say NO to bullying?

Many charities such as the Anti-bullying Alliance, Bullying UK, Beat Bullying, Kidscape, and Childline (website addresses are listed below for link purposes) are working to highlight the importance that we all need to work together to stop bullying.

Beat Bullying, for example, are running the first ever online Big March on the 15th, asking people to join in and show their support to stop bullying, and say that bullying is unacceptable. The online event finishes with handing a petition to Number 10 Downing Street asking the government to help protect children from bullying. .

The subject of bullying is close to my heart as I was bullied badly at school, which included emotional and physical bullying. Through various youth work that I have been involved in, I wanted to find a way of helping get the message into schools and homes, about the importance of talking about this sensitive subject, encouraging those who are affected by bullying to tell someone – a safe adult.

Last year I published my first children’s novel for 8-12 year olds that had this underlying theme running through it. From this I developed a website and Percy’s campaign, to work alongside the message and book. I have been contacted from around the world, with stories from adults who are still dealing with the effects of bullying from their childhood, and bullying in the workplace, as well as what was happening to their children.

It has been 10 years since schools have been required to have an anti-bullying policy. Some have been implemented better than others; often having little or no affect when it is most needed.

Kidscape are asking parents to fill in their online questionnaire to find out more about schools anti-bullying policy. I encourage all parents to take part in this survey :

. They want to know about your experience of how schools have dealt with bullying incidents and so on.

Parents can make a difference by challenging schools on their anti-bullying policies: Asking to be kept informed of any changes is essential in making sure that children are protected, and that any bullying incidents are taken seriously.

If you are a parent / carer, we encourage you to take the opportunity of Anti-bullying week to talk to your children about bullying. Feel free to use any of our information to help you with this, or visit some of the other anti-bullying organisations/ groups / charities websites to help you with this, as listed on our help page

Talking through issues such as bullying with your children can help to open discussions on anything your child may be concerned about; letting them know that you are there for them, to talk through their worries, will help enormously.

It is well known that help given to children affected by bullying, as soon as possible, will help to lessen the possible long term affects. Helping a child who has been / is being bullied, needs to be sensitively considered; not everyone deals with it in the same way. Helping your child to grow their confidence, and teach them positive body language skills, will be of huge benefit.

If you are concerned that your child maybe being bullied, I have written a piece of suggestions of what to look out for and what to do, if you suspect your child is being bullied.

If you know someone who is being bullied, please encourage them to seek help.

Together we can make a difference!



The work of anti-bullying charities / organisations / groups is vital in spreading the anti-bullying message. With all the economic pressures that everyone is facing, these charities need funds to continue their work. If you are able to donate a couple of pounds this week, to any of the anti-bullying charities, you will be helping to make a positive impact.

Anita is raising funds for the charity Bullying UK. If you would like to make a donation to this charity, she has a fundraising page through Justgiving

For further information about her children’s novel and information please visit Anita’s website –

During Anti-bullying week, there will be a special offer on her book, and t-shirts, and a limited edition of a ready made Percy the Pigeon through her website.

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  • Sarah Arrow

    Anita the amount of work you do is tremendous. I know how exhausted you were this weekend in writing these anti bullying posts. Every post is an opportunity for someone to speak out and get help. I am proud to be your friend and help you in the little ways that I can.

    Be strong, together we can beat it.

  • Anita

    Oh Sarah ‘tears streaming’ what a lovely, touching comment. I will treasure that forever x

  • Marydw757

    Apologies, the link to the Kidscape survey was incorrect earlier, it has now been amended. Please do go take a look.

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