How to start dating again after divorce (sponsored guest post)

Divorce rates today are high, leaving many men and women having to negotiate single life after many years of being with someone else. After a large portion of time spent in a relationship, putting yourself back out there might seem a scary prospect. While things may have changed on the dating scene since you were younger, there are plenty of people in the same position also looking for love.

Here are some dos and don’ts for how to start dating again after divorce.

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Do… develop a support group

It’s a good idea to turn to old friends for support after divorce as they will know you better than anyone else. However, making new friends is essential to making a recovery after divorce as they will be less likely to take sides or feel uncomfortable about your newfound singledom. Finding new friends who are also single will help give you the confidence to get back out there and start meeting people again.

Don’t… listen to bad advice

You’ll likely have plenty of friends or acquaintances who will be ready to jump in with advice as soon as you let them. Make sure that you use your discretion in who you listen to, as  what might be solutions for friends may be a disaster for you. Be open-minded, but don’t feel you have to listen to everybody.

Do… examine what went wrong

It might be painful to look back over your past relationship, but it’ll help to set you up properly for the future. If you didn’t feel confident in your last relationship, you’ll want to make sure the pattern is not repeated. Try to improve your self-esteem by valuing yourself and spending time with others who value you too.

Don’t… live in the past

Examining your past relationships will help you move on, but don’t get too hung up on mistakes which may have been made. Concentrate on getting out there and planning new activities for yourself. Being single needn’t mean your life is on hold – try something new instead of sitting with your problems. You never know who you might meet.

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Do… take a chance

Online dating can help you meet a huge variety of potential matches and give you a chance to find a new love quickly. Many people use dating websites after divorce to help them find a new partner who shares their interests and understands their situation.

After a divorce, feelings of loneliness or disappointment are common and it’s important not to let these feelings spoil the chance of finding new love. Many people find their perfect partner dating after divorce and you’ll have plenty of chances to find yours.

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