How to Save for a Rainy Day (sponsored guest post)

We’re all looking for a great deal on just about everything. What we save here, we can spend there. I adore the internet. Fingertip shopping allows you to compare prices, read product reviews, and find the best overall deal for your money.


Find manufacturer coupons online for household staples like bread, cereal, and peanut butter. Many companies provide cents-off coupons to get you to try out their products. Others issue savings certificates for tried-and-true items that are persistently on your shopping list. Sign up for email updates and get printable coupons sent right to your inbox. Some manufacturers even mail out free samples for exciting new products to try out.


Compare your home mortgage interest rate to the advertised rates of other loan providers. Chances are other banks are offering a lower percentage than you currently have, especially if you’ve been in your home for a number of years. Your current lender may even have lower rates than the 30-year fixed loan you locked into when you first provided your signature. Now is a great time to refinance and to push your monthly payments down. Refinancing typically requires appraisal of your home in its current condition and closing costs. If you can’t afford these expenses upfront, many loan companies will roll the cost into the loan.


Try new light bulbs, the standard incandescent bulbs that were popular for more than a century are no longer in vogue. Today’s most energy efficient homes have done away with these bulbs and replaced them with CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamp) lighting. You’ve seen them in the store, they’re squiggly-shaped. Just a few years ago, these bulbs were relatively expensive. Now, however, CFLs are inexpensive and the savings they offer your household are outstanding, and will stick you with a much lower energy bill.


Keep in mind a new top or a fashionable pair of shoes doesn’t mean you need to squander your cash. Like I suggested, the internet is the perfect marketplace for comparison shopping and for saving. You can browse your favorite stores online and sign up for emails to get coupon codes and more (maybe a Backcountry coupon code, for example).

The cost of living needn’t damper your financial forecast. You can be frugal, but still get the things you really want. A quick online search makes everything at the ready so you’re equipped with money-saving tools. The internet makes it possible to do your financial homework to help you cut costs on just about everything. You’ll be able to save up for small purchases now and major items in the future, regardless of what the weather calls for.

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