How to get Easter presents for free

April 2, 2012 in Money tips

Easter toys

Christmas is long gone, and Valentine ’s Day is, too. But there’s one spring holiday that everyone looks forward to. If Easter is a time of celebration for you — a time that you usually spend with family and close friends — make sure that it’s even more spectacular this year than last.

But you may be wondering how you can do that with a drained bank account and loads of food and gifts to buy for your family celebration. However, if you coordinate your Easter holiday with your spring cleaning, this problem is already solved. Read on to find out how.

Clearing your clutter for cash

If you’re going to make money off of your old belongings, it is best to start with the big-ticket items, such as that old treadmill that has been stashed away in the garage for years or the old sofa that you never use in the family room. Furniture and exercise equipment can be sold relatively quickly online because there is always an audience willing to take these off of your hands. Your best bet is to use a site that allows users to post and monitor their own items, such as Ebay or Gumtree.

After you get started with your first big chunk of change, you can move on to smaller yet just as popular items. Getting rid of old clothing is always a good way to clear out space and make money at the same time. If you have older pieces from previous decades, you can either sell them as vintage fashion or as potential costume pieces for a “Back in Time” or “Blast from the Past” themed party. And if you have more current, gently used items, any consignment shop will be happy to take them off of your hands and do all the work involved with selling them.

Another profitable area of second-hand sales is CD buybacks. MusicMagpie, for example, is a site that functions as a service for people who want to make money off of the old music that they no longer want. You can upload the bar code information for each disc that you want to sell, and then the site will arrange a courier pickup or send a pre-posted package for you to use. This means that you can get a cheque without even having to leave your home.

The best way to take your Easter profits to the next level is to think of multiple ways to use these selling outlets to your advantage. Consignment shops, for example, will also take your accessories and baby clothes, so you could potentially double the amount of money that you make from selling. And MusicMagpie also allows you to sell DVDs online as well as computer games, so it is a helpful service no matter what discs you want to clear out of your home.

As you anticipate a gleeful Easter holiday, you can rest easy knowing that not only did you pad your bank account but you also got to some much-needed cleaning. When it comes to optimising time and money, there’s no better way to do it.

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