How to celebrate Easter in style

April 2, 2012 in Money tips

Everyone’s favourite spring holiday is coming up, so it’s time to make a game plan about how you’ll celebrate Easter. If there’s usually a family dinner with the exchange of baskets full of goodies for the little ones, you may want to switch it up this year by getting your adult relatives a little something, too. While creating a goody basket for everyone may be a bit overboard, giving Easter cards is the perfect way to express your love and excitement for the holiday. If you want all the best tips on how to celebrate Easter in style, read on.

Celebrating with a card

To start, don’t be surprised if you’re not the only passing around adorable cards with bunnies and eggs dancing across the front of them. BBC News reports that the UK purchases the most greeting cards of any other country, with the total coming close to 2.5 billion cards produced annually. Get in on the action by choosing some special cards of your own to give at this year’s celebrations.

If you truly enjoy the art of picking the perfect card for each person that you intend to give something special, then going to the store and sifting through an entire row of sentimental, comical, or short and sweet messages is probably an enjoyable time for you. But if you’ve got a busy schedule and simply can’t stop for cards on your way home from work one day, you should try ordering cards online. You can either have them shipped directly to the recipient, or you can order a whole stack of cards to be delivered to you so that you can give them out yourself. One of the most comprehensive services with one of the widest array of cards is the site for Hallmark Greeting Cards.

And if you want an easy and fast way to send an Easter message to the people that you won’t be able to see face to face this year, you can use the same service to send e-cards. They can even be personalised with music, animation, and your own written message so that you can get a chuckle out of your loved ones, or at least make them smile. E-cards are a great way to communicate because they nod to the digitisation of the way we connect, and they can be stored on the recipient’s email to view again later. Don’t forget about this convenient holiday trick, because you could also use it year-round to send birthday cards.

Whether you deliver your card via the postal service, face to face, or through email, don’t forget to pair your Easter message with some of the holiday’s most delicious staples, such as delectable chocolates or gourmet jelly beans. You can make a big statement by choosing some of the very best edible treats to go along with your card, and your family and friends are sure to love it.

Sending Easter cards should be fun for both you and the people who receive them, so make your gifts extra special this year with heartfelt messages and the fun, whimsical colours of spring. That’s how you celebrate Easter in style!

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