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in the Medical Times and Oazetie for 1861 says that in similar
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morbid conditions whose outward signs and whose probable
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register them in a manner which will have no legal force. X
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but in the majority of cases where firm ankylosis is desired
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Manuscripts forwarded to the Office of this Journal cannot
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the June Preliminary I.xamination of tlie Victoria I niver
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month s statistics but it may be mentioned that up to the
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Chair for Paralysis Iron Bath Chairs for Tropical Climates
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discuss some very important business. Dr. Horder would
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Suppositories Pessaries and Bougies Medicated Wines
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this uncertainty of justice is the most potent reason we hav gt
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disease As we advance from the known in medicine the
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In this connection we must bear in mind that we are deal
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lating to the prevention of small pox under the existing law
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means taken to arrest the epidemic reflect credit alike on
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days of the Association. Further the general business of
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Lupus may invade all reffions of the skin and adjacent
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Successful candidates immediately after passing the ex
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experiments supplemented by a very problematical spectro
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insanitary evils. In towns at least the vitality of tlie
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it may fairly be regarded as indicative of progressive sanitary
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the passing of the Prelinunary Scientific and the M.B.
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not then been seen by them and approved his absence on
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August 7.. s elsewhere tlie deaths were chielly amongst
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it P. of tl P disease when the pulse flagged but even
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fcholera of lb93 was the fruit of the Continental cholera of
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associated and from which it is sometimes with difficulty
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might say throughout the medical world. They little
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popular and that as tlie clamp in the treatment of the
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It must be borne in mind that the system does not permit
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two thirds of his salary. Independently of appointments he
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educated in special boarding schools in the country where
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val on the other hand unless this interdiction was veiy
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whether he remained in bed orgot up whether he look food or
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operation of arthrectomy in the knee has certain drawbacks of
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