Homes from home keep families of seriously ill children together *sponsored video*

September 7, 2012 in Life

Being seriously seriously ill and in hospital is scary for everyone, but particularly so for children. It’s important that they have their loved ones around them, and that’s why we’re pleased to tell you about Ronald McDonald House Charities.

There are currently 15 Ronald McDonald Houses and over 25 sets of Family Rooms across the UK, all just a stone’s throw from the children’s ward. Together, they provide more than 450 rooms for families each night of the year, so that families can stay near their children when they’re undergoing treatment. Facilities like this help bring a little normality to families’ lives.

Having a seriously ill child is a thought too terrifying to dwell on, but for those for whom it’s a reality, facilities like this are crucial.

The Deane Family

Rebecca and Daniel Deane had twins Bella and Evie a few weeks before Christmas, but then Evie was diagnosed with malrotation and volvulus, otherwise known as a twisted bowel.

Worried dad Daniel remembers,“Evie was taken for emergency surgery and we faced our worst nightmare. We were told her entire bowel had died.”

With two other children and Evie’s specialist care to juggle, Rebecca and Daniel were thrown a lifeline when the Manchester House opened in May 2012. The family were given a comfortable room to stay and benefited from the support of House staff and other families for several months.

Rebecca says, “It’s such a shock when these things happen and there’s normally no one to turn to other than family. When you’re miles away from home, your world turns upside down. We are so grateful to the Charity for enabling us to stay in the House for as long as we needed, just minutes from Evie’s bedside. Sometimes we would bring her to the House to play with Bella and she looked so happy to see her sister. Cullen was very involved too and used to pick them up to cuddle them like big brothers do. Without the House, we wouldn’t have had these precious family moments.”

Despite a difficult start to life and suffering from extreme bowel syndrome, Evie is a little fighter and is doing very well.

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Emily Leary

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