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theories to the test of experiment I offer them as sugges
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soever can find hit way there. The words in italics represent
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The hospital accommodation for the still increasing num
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for the development of Fraenkel s diplococcus or the bacillus
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ments of Dr. Widmark that the ultra violet rays possess the
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present inquiry will be limited to the metropolis where the
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sweepings they continued intact for a month. They can be
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nursing and administration of provincial workhouses
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the flatness of the surrounding country the water is less
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years must be auDsequ nt to passing the first M 3. Kxamina
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Idelson has suggested to the Committee charged with the
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The Chaieman said that wlienthe Local Government Scot
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tissue of the abdominal wall and thighs. Every six hours
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unattainable within the our walls of the modern asylum.
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apply however do not appear and nothing seems to have
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focussed as against my practice as just given before a pro
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much as to the conditions of general family practice which
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Faculty of Medicine Scmmeh 1894. The following candidates have
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Thb sixty second Annual Meeting of the British Medieal
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mentary Bills Committee of our Association earnestly requesting them
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session. For the same reason it is desirable not to appoint a large
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lation in Lower Austria was 1 in 41 in Upper Austria 1 in
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instead of five days as heretofore Mr. Asquith justified its
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failure of the heart s action sometimes with and sometimes
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house infirmary we are told of patients who are to all in
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large share in the amelioration of the conditions of modern
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been adopted. Complaints very distinct and emphatic have
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Muthura and Bundrabund had pilgrims going and coming
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to any required method of application. From this wool the
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accidentally from internal general infection permissible.
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treatment are the happiest conditions we can bring to
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nature that it lives and grows on the breath of approbation
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tenable for three years is open annually to those who have
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has been added to our knowledge oi nasal tumours excepting
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WycliliV. Tyndal Cninmer. and l alimer as having kindled
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The Council upon the recommendation of the Scientific
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bacillus tenuis and the bacillus pyocyaneus. The last
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public place was in the prisoner s handwriting..Margoulis
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seem to us to rest largely on considerations of the interests
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iiips.and to introduce professional friends. Westeonanger Station
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be lessened by the adoption of certain precautions. Tlie
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mend that the contract or bond should be prepared by a solicitor.
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without exaggeration be called violent. Dr. Thomson s
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but also one of starvation to be faced. In British Ghurwal
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has been departed from as it was rightly felt that many
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Have you ever tried nettle beer It is a delicious and wholesome
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the Association. Among the services rendered to anthropo
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minating in a delinite specific type which is indistinguish
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cord and brain how membranes and deeper tissues and how
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wards be placed in communication with eacli other and with
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the wound was less red and angry and the general condition
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On the ninth day the tube was removed and the powers of
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freely while as to their happiness it need hardly be said
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sanatorium and free admission thereto. If Dr. Carroll
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Cells occurring in a man aged 7S. Mr. Wyatt Wingrave exhibited a
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public place was in the prisoner s handwriting..Margoulis
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The CeeebosSalt Company exhibited bheir Cerebos Nutri
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Surgery Medicine Materia Medica Physiology Histology
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cord and brain how membranes and deeper tissues and how
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that nourishment may be necessary when the failing strength
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by appropriate mechanism enabling him to accommodate
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employer in the absence of specifie agreement as to its term but we
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thenics are prone to fall into all kinds of bad habits and to
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of childhood is cured by simple aspiration as compared with
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stages of the complaint and occasionally added some chloral
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sions of the said statute .i. By Section of the Pharmacy Act any
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and one of the less expensive with living at 30s. on the
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afflicts the judges of assize. They are and they ought to
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A Correspondent asks Would it be considered unprofessional incor
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