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towns for towns everywhere are less salubrious than the

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injudicious or excessive dosage. This has especially been

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early Plantagenets Encircled as the city came to be by an

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scarlatina at Blackheath which we recently announced and

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Aural Surgeon and Laryngologist Royal Infirmary Edinburgh

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public school. There is more bullying as a rule at the

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ports which he has received from experienced and competent medical

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increase was undoubtedly serious and must press gravely on the

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man may be turned out of the house for ethical reasons.

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Tillaux of Paris. The following questions arc proposed for

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nitrogen of the atmosphere is very slightly higher than the

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importance lately from the fact that certain persons have

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proposed for discussion are 1 the Treatment of Pulmonary

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coffins supplied. It is simple as most Chinese methods are

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proclivity to diabetic coma and in a considerable number

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Hospital Fees. First year 10 10s. second year and per

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certainly expose themselves to risk. Those who possess

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advancing febrile process its speedy defervescence and in

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made by Mr. Ernest Hart on behalf of the Parliamentary

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sion of a French degree of Doctor of Medicine was made

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his comments especially as they serve to accentuate the main facts ofi

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was opened and the sewer air allowed to pass into the man

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a suppository twice a day. The patient need not he confined

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tion is generally skilfully done. He also flatly denies that

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tion to be thrown down the fissure and had as a result an

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tew cases persistent high temperature obtains and the third

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the prosecution was conducted liad quoted with approval a

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approximate percentage of those under European treatment

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favour if the value of antitoxin in the treatment of tt tanns

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chapel ante chamber and cremating chamber arc to be about

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earlier days almost London s equal as a port finding for

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information contained in as many more reports which we

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proves that the intentions of tlie reator on this subjccl are

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now widely known to be so. When first advocating crema

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Institute of Preventive Medicine much of it by their distin

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into our cun iculum And where are we to stop We must

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found one in a tomb dating from the Gallo Roman period.

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District Lunatic Asylum and the Belfast Hospital for Sick

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experiments supplemented by a very problematical spectro

Enjoy :)

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