Has the internet spoilt Christmas?

The past couple of years I have done all my Christmas shopping online. I have processed them through a big order like a little Christmas machine, which in theory should be fantastic, no hassle, no leaving the house, done nice and early so all I have to do is sit back and wait for them to arrive.

So.. Started your Christmas shopping yet?

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Umm! No, not quite, once the presents were ordered and the bad weather started, that’s when I started to worry. Nothing was coming through from couriers, Royal Mail, to give them their dues have been great this year, everything I have ordered from them has been delivered quickly, although my postman does seem to leave it until I pop out to post things so numerous trips to the sorting office have been made with my ‘while you were out’ card in hand along with the masses.

There is one courier, in particular, who have been truly awful and have previously left parcels by next doors shed without so much as a card through the door, meaning the books contained inside were a mush of sodden paper. You can imagine my horror when I realised the majority of my order was to be delivered by them! I have made so many phone calls as my main order containing 15 Christmas presents had been tracked to and from the depot, then came up as delivered at 10.30pm, if they had tried to deliver there was no card and I had stayed in for 3 days on this occasion, so in the end the order had to be cancelled and put through again, I’m just hoping Royal Mail deliver this one instead of the courier and that it comes in time for Christmas, otherwise there’s going to be some disappointed faces Christmas morning!

So not only have I had the stress and expense of phoning national rate numbers, waiting in for deliveries that haven’t arrived.

Having said that, if the deliveries had arrived and I hadn’t had the nightmare of several long phone calls to unhelpful telephone staff, maybe I wouldn’t have minded missing out on the hustle and bustle of the festive high street and would have enjoyed my internet shopping from the comfort of my own home with Christmas songs playing in the background and a mulled wine in my hand – so should my question be, ‘has one terrible courier spoilt my Christmas shopping experience?’

I still have to get one present that couldn’t be ordered online so, I’ll make that my festive, non internet shop and I might even pop in for my latte and mince pie!


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  • Morag

    Oh dear, Emily. Did your presents arrive on time? I hope so.

    I’m afraid your post made me laugh out loud, simply because it was also the theme of the Christmas Miranda Hart episode – poor woman was thwarted at every step!!

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