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duce those of you who may not have hitherto considered the

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opium chloral hydrate with bromide of potassium iodoform

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the aged and childrFn. In West Africa the medical officers

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part of the report dealing with statistics and the second with

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of expense. There are two Casualty Medical and two asualty

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Monsall salary 100 per annum and one at Cheadle each

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it should come before the next Council meeting and he wag

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personal safety to eaeli individual our entire scheme of

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population in many parts of England. For example in the

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way as was possiljle. It is due to the praiseworthy energy

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dropped and that the general nianagemcnl of the case falls

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parently propagated through the air. Russian soldiers

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Surgeon Major Marcfi 1st 1873 Surgeon Major ranking as Lieutenant

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only for India but also the Colonies. Although knowing

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creases the tension of air in sewers and when the barometer

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branched cells with long processes separated by a moderate

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Kf.otlo Health f they wUl on forwarding their AnSual and other

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his attention. Any exact knowledge as to where he is

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per minute while between manholes 13 and 15 we found that

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research work of the kind which Mr. Adams has with so

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in the Metropolitan Asylums Hospitals and in the London Fever

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the superintendence of the House Surgeon. One year s

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civilised peoples. Dr. Jones hopes to publish a fuller report

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Frames Lang s Rocklifl e a and other Trial Frames Test

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meet an imperative public demand. We have insisted that nothing

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