Golden Lion Tamarin Endangered Facts

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The form of Register of Out Patients has been adopted for
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of bad hygienic conditions. He also asserted that the fact
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Nix was elected to the chair. In the course of his remarks
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I now further proceed to show that iron cures anaemia by
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of that a lunatic asylum is essentially a hospital.
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glands and spleen however of patients dead of the disease
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attacks. When we come to disinfection by chemical agen
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pauper schools are still inspected and classified by the Local
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quently Dr. Mercier raised the subject of the status of
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than 3..3 per cent of the children seen sufl ered from low
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rural population and of employments which harden the
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mortem examination the practice was still further justified
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s. 31 is liable to be regarded as pedantic and is certainly
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or Liverpool. The Courier denies that there has been
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Dresserships or Clerkships on payment of a fee of 7 7s.
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The Local Government Board have fixed September 20th
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pretty nearly to the leaving certilicate of the Scotch Educa
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at variance with scientific knowledge. No trial that 1 am
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has necessarily been spent in perfecting the apparatus and
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agree that in scarlet fever the organism which plays the most
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systematic hospital training. Doubtless on this point they
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subject and are they fitted for the inspections they have to
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For the regulations as to these degrees see page 40r gt.
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coasts last summer V The question is a very pertinent one
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was only in exceptional cases and under careful observation
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of bacilli which appeared to be ever ready and ever present to
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the labour too great if they are successful and want of suc
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of dealing properly with proper material or shortcomings in
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annual meetings and are specially remarkable for the good
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with the welfare of pauper children and their career in
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once organised a p.arty to endeavour to rescue those engulfed he him
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according to the Chinese and attacks animals in the follow
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before she came under treatment and influenza in November 1S93 iuf
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certain number of gcntU men who were supposed to be

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