Gimme the terrible twos over teenage tantrums

OMG!!! FRUSTRATED!! (9/365)

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This week has been particularly trying. In fact by the time you read this I could be completely bald from pulling my hair out.

With the snow all three girls have been home, so work getting done = zero.

They have had a whale of a time sliding and building and playing in the snow, but their big sis gets the hump with them. She has forgotten what it is like to be 5 and 6. And she doesn’t like this being pointed out to her, so she sulks. And sulks. And sulks some more.

One sulks, they all sulk.

Three sulky, stroppy girls is not fun.

So they make some mess, and are not wanting to clear it up. A telling off is in order. Cue huge teenage tantrum.

Even the little ones are taken aback!

Yes, I realise we know nothing at this age, and I point this out to her and she agrees she knows far more than us and strops off out. so I bring her back in and tell her the ground rules (again), she has to say where she is going, who she is meeting, where they are likely to be and what time would she be back.

And then I play the master card. I save it for when she is really grinding me down. I make her video the rules for her 15 year old daughter in the same situation. Amazing how much more info she wants to know, when its her kids going out :) And the penny drops, sort of. And we have a day of co-operation.

Today was very tough though. No stropping just the silent treatment.

Then at 7pm she announces she is going out with the dog and tells us where she is going and what routes she is taking etc. She finishes with “Don’t cook for me, I have money, I will get something out”. Followed by a door slam. Hmm.

We order a Chinese, crispy duck – mmm and mid bite in she storms in like the nasty fairy at Sleeping Beauty’s Christening. How dare we have food without her, she’ll just have to feed herself then…. Slam. Glass trembles in it’s pane. The stairs are stomped up.

I, of course, continue my dinner with the thought that the terrible twos were far more amusing than the terrible, hard done by teens.


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  • Morag Gaherty

    And the trouble is, the teenage years last SO much longer than the difficult toddler ones. At that age, you could put it down to them not knowing any better. But the galling thing with a teenager is that they DO know better. When they calm down long enough to think about it.

    That’s a good idea about getting her to video the rules for her own putative child. Clever thinking there, Mrs Arrow.

  • HerMelness Speaks

    You say she gives you the silent treatment like it’s a BAD thing? Fantastic. I’ll have to read again to see how you managed it. If they are not talking the rubbish, you can’t hear the rubbish; if you can’t hear the rubbish, the rubbish can’t upset you. Win, win in my book. Good post.

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