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evil results without any corresponding benefits. The
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passed That the Committee are not prepared at present to
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frequently is also done either by pressing the pouch with
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ustice Charles and Mr. Justice Bruce ihe decision of the county judge
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ivity One conclusion is certain the disease was spread
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Medical Journal are requested to communicate beforehand with the
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LETTERS COMMUNICATIONS Etc. have been received from
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but at page 189 he says of orchids with representatives ni
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Charities Committee and that a grant of 10be made towards
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several subjects in this Section and who have promised to
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Amongst foreign visitors present at the annual meeting
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massage should disappear for ever than it should continue to be
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remark which form the subject of a separate and concluding section
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answer was that it was Sir Charles Cameron and it was due
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stated by Mr. Tebb to be of frequent occurrence so
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examinations of which a list may be obtained on applica
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by Dr. Mercier and seconded by Dr. Weatherly was passed
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food for the foetus during each pregnancy. Those healthy
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not succeeded in obtaining a superintendency to start in life
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conducted in nineteen sections as well as at general
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MemheivAip. A candidate for the Jlembership of the Col
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interest in the health instead of the sickness of his
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Improved Magnet combined with Spud and Gouge Sets of
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C. M. Jessop published m the Bbituu Medical Journal of July 21st
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boys they should in my opinion be cautioned against the
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the word Fatawa may be explained as meaning decisions on
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of 67 was one of the leading ophthalmologists of Paris. He
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of the pericardia fluid was noted. No sign of recent peri
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Mr. Christopher Martin agreed with I r. Cullingworth s views as to
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Like mosquitoes they are very insidious in their attacks generally
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SUSSEX C lUNTY HOSPITAL Brighton. Assistant House Surgeon un
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mencement of the administration when a little more than

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