Fun-fillers for Christmas kids….Day 3!

OK, so today you and the little folk can indulge in the loveliness that is CHOCOLATE! :)

Now I always thought that making chocolate truffles would be a real pfaff and messy, but it’s actually much easier and simpler than I thought, so have a go (and let me know what you think!).

You’ll need :

Homemade Truffles

Image by joeywan via Flickr

8 oz/225g plain chocolate, smashed up into pieces (fun from the start for the kids, just try not to eat too much at the same time!)

6oz/175g unsalted butter

4 tablespoons/60ml double cream (tiny tip, I always get confused over which is a tablespoon so if you’re like me, it’s a bigger one that you’d use to serve food with)

4oz/100g icing sugar

3oz/75g ground almonds

Cocoa powder, icing sugar, hundreds & thousands or more ground almonds for coating

Melt the chocolate and butter, either in a bowl over a sauce pan of hot water or in the microwave – stirring with a WOODEN spoon.

Remove from the heat and then add the double cream and add the icing sugar and ground almonds. Mix all together and then leave it to cool, either in the fridge for a few hours or overnight even.

When you’re ready to go on to the next stage, have a teaspoon (that’s the small one) and a bowl of hot water. Dip the spoon in the water to warm it and then scoop up some of the truffle mix.  The warmth of the spoon will make it easier to gentle push off of the spoon. Pop your truffle into the coating of your choice and use a cocktail stick to gently move it around, coating it nicely. You could try other coatings too – grated plain chocolate, nibbed nuts, dessicated coconut or chocolate strands (Vermicelli to the posh amongst us).

And that’s it! Easy peasy.  Experiment as well, if you like, with adding flavourings such as vanilla extract or a few drops of lime juice or by adding a little lime zest to the mixture….the possibilities are endless.  Yes, if you’re making them for a gift for an adult, you could use a shot of alcohol, but naturally be careful of this with the children around! ;)

You can pop them into individual cake cases/petit four cases if you like and then put them in a box or cellophane bag tied with ribbon and this makes a lovely gift.

3380 homemade chocolates

Image by imcountingufoz via Flickr

Not that I’d expect them to last long, as these truffles don’t have any kind of preservative, it is best to eat them within a few day.

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  • Morag

    For my own selfish purposes, I fully expect to make my children expert truffle-makers before the end of tomorrow. Thanks, Mary. :)

  • Sarah Arrow

    mmm, sounds like I need to get the kids trained up as well… :)

  • Sarah Arrow

    mmm, sounds like I need to get the kids trained up as well… :)

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